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Best places to watch the sunset in Phuket main

Holiday means sunset drinks. Or not? These are the best places to watch the sunset in Phuket, tried and tested. Trust us. From the simple promenades to the swanky high-end rooftop bars.

1. The Boathouse Phuket

Sunset dining on the beach

Sunset dining on the beach

The Boathouse Phuket is one of the nicest places to watch the sunset in Phuket. It is one of the most luxurious resorts in Phuket and has all the ingredients for a perfect evening. Firstly, there are fantastic cocktails, some of which are signature from the resort only, created and executed with a high level of detail and love by the mixologist. The there is the fabulous food at The Boathouse Restaurant which is renowned for being one of the oldest and best restaurants in Phuket and has an award-winning wine cellar and two Sommeliers on site to provide pairing suggestions. And last but not least, there is the fantastic unobstructed beach view over Kata Beach which is right below the restaurant. After drinks and dinner, you can stroll on the quiet sands of Kata Beach for the perfect night. Or stroll over to the more isolated beach, Kata Noi where the beautiful Impiana Private Villas are located.

Check out my video of The Boathouse Phuket.

2. Foto Hotel

places to watch the sunset in Phuket Foto Hotel

Foto Hotel Phuket sunset

From the rooftop bar of the Foto Hotel one can see one of the best sunsets in Phuket over Kata and Karon. It has a cool vibe, comfy beanbags/sofas and great drinks. This is a place to keep to yourself. Oops! Opens from 6,30pm to 11pm.

3. Phromthep Cape

Phromthep Cape

Phromthep Cape

If you are on a round the island road trip, then this is a perfect place to see the end of the day with great views away from Phuket. It tends to get crowded at sunset as everyone tries to capture the best shots but it is still worth the trek if you have a car.

4. Joe’s Downstairs

Joe's Downstairs restaurant Phuket

Joe’s Downstairs restaurant Phuket

The acclaimed restaurant located on Kalim Bay offers hip and trendy drinks and tapas food to snack on at sunset time. The setting, against the rocks and the low tide above the water, is divine.

5. Le Versace (permanently closed)

Note that the restaurant is closed, but Le Versace Residence is still open and one of the best places to watch the sunset by far. We have kept the text below for posterity. You can try George Dufresne’s other restaurant Cafe du Paris down the road, with the same amazing food but without the view.

As the name indicates this is a French version of Versace’s rooftop restaurant. The owners must truly love him for they have devoted the restaurant entirely to Versace’s eponymous logo and God-like faces. Expect golden and white over Patong’s most incredible view. As the restaurant put it, “There’s a very thin and precarious line running between classy, tasteful décor and outright kitsch. The Versace, a French restaurant in Patong Beach, flirts with this line outrageously and manages – against all the odds – to come out on top”.

6. Baba Nest

Baba Nest sunset

Baba Nest sunset

We would be fools not to include one of CNN’s most beautiful rooftop bars in the world on the list. But be sure to book well in advance as this gets filled up quickly. Baba Nest is located in one of Phuket’s most stunning, luxurious and breathtaking properties, Sri Panwa. Located on the cape of the same name, Sri Panwa manages to wow with infinity cliffside pool villas and one of the most chic, fabulous and laid-back bars in town with one of the most amazing views. A treat to the senses. It’s a nice place to start off your hen night, sipping cocktails while you watch the sun go down.

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Looking to stay at Sri Panwa? 

"Sri Panwa Baba nest sunset"


If you loved the sunset from Baba Nest so much that you’re thinking of a longer stay at Sri Panwa, then your thoughts are well justified. I stayed at Sri Panwa and absolutely loved it. Check my full review by clicking the button below.

7. Patong Beach

Patong Beach sunset

Patong Beach sunset

Ok, it is crowded, filled with banana boats, parasailing, drunken bachelor parties and other less than peaceful things, but Patong also offers incredible sunsets right on the beach. If you are looking for something moe casual-sand-between-my-toes type of place, this is it. Simply sit on the sand and watch the sun set behind the horizon.

8. Your own yacht

Chartered Yacht at sunset in Phuket

Chartered Yacht at sunset in Phuket. Source

Staying on solid ground has its advantages, especially to those with weak legs at sea but setting sail from Phuket will give you the most incredible sunset views, all to yourself and in the complete peace of the sea. Rent a sailing boat from one of Phuket’s marinas with a full crew, and sail out to Phang Nga Bay and beyond. Every night, the stars will surprise you as you get lost counting the many that cover the mighty sky. If you were looking for epic sunsets, this is it.

9. From a beach club

Kata Rocks sunset view

Kata Rocks sunset view

Whether it is at Catch Beach Club, Nikki Beach or even Kata Rocks (with a day pass) your drinks and music supply will be satisfied. Both offer sunset views to go with it. There is also a side of beautiful people, champagne popping shows and classy sun loungers.

10. Cape Panwa Promenade

If you prefer a more DIY option than sitting at a high end hotel, the Cape Panwa promenade, is an easy evening stroll. There are benches to sit and watch the sunset, or a nice promenade to walk along holding hands.

Here are our top 3 picks of hotels to stay at that offer restaurants and suites with gorgeous sunset views

Kata Rocks

Kata Rocks swimming pool

An infinity pool to die for with eponomously named Kata Rocks restaurant. So you can have second helpings of sunset with your meal.

The Boathouse

The Boathouse Phuket, right on the beach

Unobstructed views of Kata Beach in a Phuket institution. It is one of the oldest and best restaurants in Phuket to date with outstanding service, delicious food and cooking classes available.

Sri Panwa

Sri Panwa Phuket

Relax to the most epic views while sipping a cocktail from the gorgeous infinity pool. Sri Panwa has been voted by many as one of the best rooftop bars in the world for a reason. Come see why.

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