Holiday means sunset drinks. Or not? These are the best places to watch the sunset in Phuket, tried and tested. Trust us. From the simple promenades to the swanky high-end rooftop bars.

1. Foto Hotel

places to watch the sunset in Phuket Foto Hotel

Foto Hotel Phuket sunset

From the rooftop bar of the Foto Hotel one can see one of the best sunsets in Phuket over Kata and Karon. It has a cool vibe, comfy beanbags/sofas and great drinks. This is a place to keep to yourself. Oops! Opens from 6,30pm to 11pm.

2. Phromthep Cape

Phromthep Cape

Phromthep Cape

If you are on a round the island road trip, then this is a great place to see the end of the day with great views away from Phuket. It tends to get crowded at sunset as everyone tries to capture the best shots but it is still worth the trek if you have a car.

3. Joe’s Downstairs

Joe's Downstairs restaurant Phuket

Joe’s Downstairs restaurant Phuket

The acclaimed restaurant located on Kalim Bay offers hip and trendy drinks and tapas food to snack on at sunset time. The setting, against the rocks and the low tide above the water, is divine.

4. Le Versace

As the name indicates this is a French version of Versace’s rooftop restaurant. The owners must truly love him for they have devoted the restaurant entirely to Versace’s eponymous logo and God-like faces. Expect golden and white over Patong’s most incredible view. As the restaurant puts it, “There’s a very thin and precarious line running between classy, tasteful décor and outright kitsch. The Versace, a French restaurant in Patong Beach, flirts with this line outrageously and manages – against all the odds – to come out on top”. See for yourself.

5. Baba Nest

Baba Nest sunset

Baba Nest sunset

We would be fools not to include one of CNN’s most beautiful rooftop bars in the world on the list. But be sure to book well in advance as this gets filled up quickly. Baba Nest is located in one of Phuket’s most stunning, luxurious and breathtaking properties, Sri Panwa. Located on the cape of the same name, Sri Panwa manages to wow with infinity cliffside pool villas and one of the most chic, fabulous and laid-back bars in town with one of the most amazing views. A treat to the senses.

6. Patong Beach

Patong Beach sunset

Patong Beach sunset

Ok, it is crowded, filled with banana boats, parasailing, drunken bachelor parties and other less than peaceful things, but Patong also offers incredible sunsets right on the beach. If you are looking for something moe casual-sand-between-my-toes type of place, this is it. Simply sit on the sand and watch the sun set behind the horizon.

7. Your own yacht

Staying on solid ground has its advantages, especially to those with weak legs at sea but setting sail from Phuket will give you the most incredible sunset views, all to yourself and in the complete peace of the sea. Rent a sailing boat from one of Phuket’s marinas with a full crew, and sai out to Phang Nga Bay and beyond. Every night, the stars will surprise you as you get lost counting the many that cover the mighty sky. If you were looking for epic sunsets, this is it.

8. From a beach club

Kata Rocks

Kata Rocks

Whether it is at Catch Beach Club, Nikki Beach or even Kata Rocks (with a day pass) your drinks and music supply will be satisfied. Both offer sunset views to go with it. There is also a side of beautiful people, champagne popping shows and classy sun loungers.

9. Cape Panwa Promenade

If you prefer a more DIY option than sitting at a high end hotel, the Cape Panwa promenade, is an easy evening stroll. There are benches to sit and watch the sunset, or a nice promenade to walk along holding hands.

  • Toccara

    Great recommendations! Sounds like anywhere you are is a great spot, though from a private yacht sure does sound nice!!

  • Really, anywhere in Thailand is the perfect place to see a sunset! (Can you tell I’m slightly obsessed w/ the country?) We stayed away from all the crowds in Phuket, but went into Patong for an evening and yes, it was crazy crowded but we did see an absolutely perfect sunset on the beach 🙂

  • Some of these looks incredible, especially Foto Hotel. But nothing can beat watching a sunset from your own private yacht eh? he he he 🙂

  • Amazing spots for a sunset! It’s always good to know about these kind of places before you get to somewhere – you could go to a different one each day!

  • Megan Claire

    Oh WOW!! Foto Hotel Phuket sunset is my favorite, followed very closely by Baba Nest – that’s an infinity pool on top circling the bar right? Amazing!

  • The photo from Foto Hotel looks absolutely stunning!!! Great photos! Thailand has amazing sunsets and I would love to watch one from one of these spots.

  • carlingdoodling

    Yup I was able to experience the beautiful sunset plus cold beer in Patong beach! It was really awesome sight! Would love to see it again someday and on my private yatch, yeah right hahaha

    • A beautiful sunset plus a cold beer is a great combination! Yes, a private yacht promises an epic sunset! (:

  • Serendipity Tess

    These all look like absolutely incredible places….whoaaa! I love the look of Baba Nest – i think that is my favourite out of all of them 🙂

    • Yes! The view of the sunset from Baba Nest is amazing, remember to book well in advance for a spot! (:

  • Kata Rocks

    Fantastic list and thank you for featuring Kata Rocks! 🙂
    best wishes

  • Grassroots Nomad

    There really is nothing like a Thai sunset! We are thinking of honeymooning in Thailand so maybe Phuket is the place to go!

  • Vyjay Rao

    We are literally sun chasers and love sunrises and sunsets, these places look spectacular, have to get to Phuket fast!

  • Edward Nowak

    If you expect to take sunset photos from your hotel or near your hotel, be sure to do your homework. We stayed at a nice resort hotel at Karon Beach around June 1st, expecting to see some nice sunsets from our room or from the rooftop pool. Sadly the sunset was too far north to have a good view because there were hills between us and the sunset. I estimate that by the end of August, or perhaps mid-September, sunsets will again be viewable from this location as the sunset direction makes its southward journey. Study maps so that you understand the local geography, and be familiar with the seasonal variations in sunset direction.

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