destination North Korea

The world’s most secretive and paranoid country is a guaranteed oddity. You will feel like in a mix between Orwell’s 1964 and The Truman Show, permanently observed and chaperoned around the country, never having a chance to actually peak or interact with anyone. The hermit Country is in a constant admiration of its leader. Walk through the metro museum only to be told how the Great Leader taught them how to build it and pay your tribute to their embalmed corpses. A country largely stuck in the 50s, after the Korean and Second World Wars, time has remained still since then. An idle Macbook sitting on a desk table at a museum stands as a macabre and rather ironic reminder that there is no internet, no contact with the outside world and that the population does not actually know what it is. This is a trip back in time, to a time when Communism was still revered and totalitarian regimes were possible.

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