Why work with Travel Influencers?

Social media is evolving and has become a powerful tool for brands to communicate with their audiences. What used to be done through traditional media channels has become obsolete. Traditional media outlets are no longer a reliable source of reviews; they are biased and dependent on advertising revenue models to survive. This has turned them into a great source of information but no longer a source of reliable opinions about resorts, experiences or adventures.

Social media Travel influencers are the future. Many of them have higher influential power and reach than most travel brands and they are increasingly becoming the go-to place for travelers to find advise, plan a trip or simply be inspired.

The person behind the blog

Mar Pages 

Once in a Lifetime Journey is a luxury and out of the ordinary travel, wine and food blog ran by ultra-frequent flyer Mar Pages.

In the last ten years, Mar has lived in 6 countries across all continents except for Antarctica. She has traveled to 90 countries and lived as an expat in Montreal, London, Dubai, Tegucigalpa, Johannesburg and Singapore where she now resides. Born and raised in a winery, she has also completed formal WSET Wine appreciation courses and regularly visits wineries across the Old World, the New World and New Latitude wine regions.

She believes travel and food are tightly linked and usually spends as much time researching about sites as enjoying great foodie experiences.

Before starting this blog, Mar used to travel every week for work. For nine years, she would take a flight to a different country every week, usually returning home for the weekend, flying somewhere else or exploring the country or city she was working in.

Traveling for work coupled with her fascination for the travel industry gave her the chance to experience the finest things in life and turned her into an ultra-frequent business traveler.

At the same time, frequent travel fuelled her bottomless curiosity and turned her into an avid offbeat traveler. When she is not sampling the most exclusive experiences, she is jetting off to unheard off countries like Djibouti, Timor Leste, Vanuatu or Palau, head-turning destinations like Sudan, Yemen or Honduras or downright inaccessible places like Pakistan or North Korea. If lost, mar would most commonly be found in a remote island far away from civilisation, at a luxury resort or in a questionable country.

The blog

"Albet i Noya wine tasting"

Albet i Noya wine tasting

Once in a lifetime journey started in February 2014 and has since amassed a significant social media following with ~30,000 facebook fans, 45,000+ Twitter followers and 13,000+ Instagram fans and a very engaged audience as of December 2016.

Social media statistics


100,000 impressions a month through daily posts. Individual posts reaching 1,000+. Boosting posts on a selective basis
59% female and 41% male. 48% between 25-34 and 30% between 35-44 years old
North American (40%), Spain (10%), UK and Ireland (10%), Singapore (10%).


700,000+ impressions per month and increasing exponentially every month. Individual Tweets reaching between 500-1,500 impressions each
 Ethnic explorers (buying from international brands) and Online buyers. 55% male, 50% earning more than $100k a year. 70% Interested in Travel and Luxury travel. 50% with Higher education degrees
European (20%) and American (43%)

Brand collaborations

Mar has a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry and has worked with a range of luxury travel companies through honest reviews, branding and marketing campaigns. She believes that, in order for a traveler to be able to understand what luxury travelers expect, one has to be a luxury travel herself. She only writes honest and insightful reviews about places she has been to herself and maintains her independence at all times. She works only with brands that she knows will deliver to expectations. Her reviews are always honest and aimed at answering the questions luxury travelers will have. Mar knows that luxury travelers don’t just want to get what they expect, they eagerly expect to be surprised.

The lagoon

The lagoon

Aside from luxury experiences, Mar often goes places tourists don’t visit. She wants to open the world to the least visited countries and break taboos and unnecessarily negative images. Having worked for a decade in emerging markets, she understands the real risks associated with traveling to places that are outside of the tourism circuit, like Pakistan or Djibouti, and she hopes to share more of the humanity of these places with the world.

These are some of the brand collaborations she has been involved in:

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References of PR contacts or Hotel representative can be provided upon request.

Features and credentials

Aside from writing on this site, Mar is a published writer and has been featured in other publications through her weirdest and most fascinating trips. She also belongs to various Blogger, Writer and Traveler clubs and groups like The Century Travelers Club for travelers who have been to 100+ Countries and Territories. She is also the Chapter Leader for Travel Massive Singapore

Sample writing pieces:

Interviews and features

For specific visitor and social media figures, please email marpagesvidal@gmail.com

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