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We all know the party beach of Patong and the refined Surin Beach but there are other hidden beaches in Phuket that offer the true heavenly feel ones seeks on vacation.

It is harder and harder to find a beach in Phuket that has not been discovered, talked about and filled with tourists to eternity. But, as the island is so large, there are still plenty of lesser known beaches in Phuket that are usually enjoyed by the locals. If you would like to know more about the beaches in Phuket that tourists don’t know about, read on.

Freedom beach

Freedom beach Phuket

Freedom beach Phuket

This beach is not easy to find but Google Maps will take you there – that is how I found it. You will need your own transportation as taxis are unlikely to know where it is or want to make the trek but it is well worth it. You will have to pay 200 Baht to enter, not because the beach has a fee, all beaches in Thailand are public, but because the owner of the land that provides access charges for that. Clever right? After descending through a rather steep path you will find a white sand beach that has a few beach huts and white powdery beach.

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach Phuket

Paradise Beach Phuket

Similar idea to Freedom Beach but much more developed. This beach used to be free to access but it is now costing 500 Baht which you get in credit to use at the funky restaurants and bars. Go there for a few hours or for the whole day. There are beach and water sports, a DJ, three different restaurants to choose from, beach chairs and loungers and, if you head to the left through a narrow path, a smaller more intimate bay that has chill out music and beautiful crystalline water. The beach is very pretty and is accessed by few boats so it still is pretty nice. Paradise Beach offers free shuttle service from Patong, 15 min away, throughout the day. Aside from the beach there is a small shopping village where you can get designer bikinis, massages or pretty jewelry.

Paradise Beach Phuket

Paradise Beach Phuket

Nai Thon 

This is an easy to reach beach on the top north of the island, not too far from the airport. This part has remained rather untouched and peaceful and there aren’t too many hotels except for the Pullman Resort. There are a few restaurants to grab some food.

Kata Noi

Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi Beach

Whereas Kata Beach is relatively developed and well known, smaller Kata Noi, on the bay further south from Kata, is a small, quiet and picturesque beach that is usually empty. Flanked by The Shore at Katathani on one side and famous Mom Tri’s Kitchen on the other, this is a fluffy beach with pretty boulders on either side and clear water with few waves is easily accessible and there are beach huts and stores on the road side.

Mai Khao 

This is a very long and mostly empty strip of beach on the Northwestern part of the island. There is practically nothing but a few of the well established and long standing resorts like Renaissance or JW Marriott. You can walk for miles without ever reaching the end but this is not a white fluffy beach like the ones in the south but rather a coarser version. Peaceful and empty though.

  • Incredible – you continue to surprise us about your discovering of Phuket. And 5 whole undiscovered beaches there? Nice work 🙂 Love the pic with the camera phone – very clever idea.

  • Oh how nice, especially in Phuket where beaches can be crowded! how enterprising that some of the landowners charge an entry fee, but I guess why not? Have to agree with the Nomadic Boys below….Love that camera phone shot!

  • Mafambani

    Thanks for that article. I never wanted to visit Phuket because of all the mass tourism. These beaches though look incredible. Thanks for sharing. Liked the pic too with your phone.

    • Visiting Phuket can be tiring because of the hordes of tourists everywhere but these beaches were really peaceful, you should make a visit down to Phuket soon! (:

  • Carly Moore

    Never made it to Phuket but heard a lot about the masses of tourists. Finding secluded beaches void of crowds is a bonus and makes for a great day! Nice tips.


    Sounds like you found some real gems here, which one was your favourite? I think I like the sound of Freedom Beach best. It’s great to know there are still some relatively undiscovered pockets in Phuket. Great recommendations.

    • Paradise Beach was my favourite because it had the perfect combination of being peaceful, having drinks and a DJ too! (:

  • You have certainly done your research. I hope you got to go and spend ample time on these beaches because they are stunning!

  • Jenna

    Wow, all of these beaches look so gorgeous! I would especially love to check out Kata Noi–I love how peaceful it looks and it’s nice that it is usually uncrowded. Relaxing on the beach is such a great way to unwind. Thanks for the great suggestions!

    • Yes, Kata Noi is usually empty but I think one of the best parts about it is that it right next to the famous Mom Tri’s Kitchen so if you’re hungry after a swim you can just pop over for a meal 😉

  • Karla Ramos

    Nice! I love the idea and the “hidden” theme they represent. Thanks for the tip with Google maps as well. It’s always better to let yourself sink in under the sun and enjoy the waters with only a few people.

  • Its always amazing to find an uncrowded beach when traveling. people need to head to Victoria in Australia plenty of uncrowded beached down this way

  • Great list Mar. Nai Harn is my fave out of Phuket beaches, and yep, during low season is not too crowded early in the day.

  • It’s been a long time since I was here and a lot of things changed! Thanks for putting this list together!

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