In this page you can find all my blog income reports starting with the first one in September 2017.

It all started in August 2017 when I wrote an article about How Travel Bloggers and Influencers make money. The article became one of the most read pieces on the blog and continues to generate traffic today.

I am a business person. I studied business. I was a strategy management consultant for eight years, advising large telecom operators on their corporate strategy. Benchmarking business models and understanding how industries make money fascinate me. So doing the research for the post I was reminded of another of my passions, beyond travel, business management.

That article turned into a book and into the decision that I would publish income reports for a few months as an experiment.

Like in the adventure quote above, I took the leap and decided to start sharing income reports.

Why do I publish Income reports?

Keep myself accountable and celebrate

Inspire possibilities

Give insights into the world of Travel

Firstly, to keep myself accountable and make sure that I stick to a goal by making the world aware of my success (at least financially).

I also want to have an avenue to celebrate. The world of online entrepreneurship is very lonely. You spend your days behind a computer and without talking to anyone face to face so allow me this space to also celebrate.

Inspire others who might be looking to work online, be location independent or become a blogger with real-life, tangible examples and with details on the reality that goes behind the scenes of managing a travel blog. Hint: no blogger actually works from the beach or a hammock, that is unpractical and inconvenient.

The travel niche has got a lot of media outlets talking because “Travel-the-world-for-free” headlines always gather a lot of interest. However, there are very few travel bloggers publishing income reports.

I want to give insights into this opaque industry and provide details on what is possible from my experience. It may not be representative, but it is hopefully a useful example.

Monthly blog income reports