Guide to Sentosa Island Singapore main

With award-winning spa retreats, beaches, amusement parks, water parks, a casino and world-renowned golf courses, the 500-hectare Singapore Sentosa Island positions itself as Singapore’s “State of Fun”. To honor this title, there are a range of things to do in Sentosa Singapore catering to every type of visitor.

You might be more familiar with the commercialized Sentosa attractions, like the Universal Studios Singapore theme park, the fancy Resorts World Casino, the annual ZoukOut music festival and the frequent parties at Tanjong Beach Club. But there is so much more to at Singapore’s Sentosa.


After personally visiting most of Sentosa Island attractions, some on multiple occasions, I can assure you that you will not be bored. How much you enjoy your time on the island will depend largely on how much and how well you plan before you go. 

There are certain times of day, for example, where entrance is cheaper and there are multiple ways to save if you plan right. 

There are also a few things that your travel guide won’t tell you about, like the hidden caves behind the popular resorts, the numerous free Sentosa attractions or that you can actually dispense gold bars from a vending machine.

In this complete guide you will discover all the most famous things to do in Sentosa, as well as a different side to this leisure destination. Read on to start your journey to the State of Fun. 

The history of Singapore Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island Singapore

Sentosa Island Singapore. Wikipedia Haakon S. Krohn (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Before getting into all the fantastic Sentosa attractions, it’s a great idea to learn a little bit about its past. 

Sentosa Singapore wasn’t always the centre for fun and excitement and actually has quite a bleak history. In the past, it was known as Pulau Blakang Mati or the “island behind death”. 

During British colonial rule, it was inhabited by Malays, Chinese and Bugis. Due to its strategic location for protecting ships passing through the area, the British used it as a defensive point and built Mount Imbiah Battery. On this there were three forts – Serapong, Connaught and Siloso.

When Singapore fell into the hands of the Japanese in February 1942 during World War II, Sentosa became a detention camp for prisoners of war. 

After World War II, Pulau Blakang Mati was first used for military purposes from the base of the 1st Singapore Regiment of the Royal Artillery (SRRA) to housing the Gurkha infantry and then the Singapore Naval Volunteer Force.

The option then came up for the then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew to choose between making the island into an oil refinery for Esso or for recreation and tourism. Everything else is history.

Sentosa was originally called Pulau Blakang Mati

Sentosa was originally called Pulau Blakang Mati. Pixabay CC0

Pulau Blakang Mati’s name was officially changed to Sentosa Singapore, which means “tranquility” in Malay, in 1970 after a competition. And so the Sentosa attractions started coming at full speed, but not without some hiccups. 

First came the cable car linking Mount Faber with the island, then the Sentosa Golf Club opened. Unfortunately in 1983 an oil-drilling vessel struck the ropeways of the cable car plunging two carriages into the ocean.

After a full refurbishment, many of the Sentosa activities we know and love today were opened, from the MegaZip Adventure Park to the iFly skydiving simulator. The uber luxe Sentosa Cove launched in 2003 with 2,600 high class homes. The $6.59 billion Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) opened its doors in 2010. 

But not all has been success and glory. There are a number of expensive but failed Sentosa Singapore Island attractions that have since been taken down. 

These included the $60 million Asian Village, $52-million water theme park Fantasy Land and $20 million Volcano Land, which was meant to give you the experience of journeying to the center of the earth.


All the new fantastic things to do in Sentosa like Universal Studios, Adventure Cove Waterpark and Singapore’s first casino, integrated resort Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), really helped to boost traffic to the island, more than doubling Sentosa’s annual visitorship.

Between 2017 and 2018, 19.1 million people visited Singapore’s Sentosa, this is almost half of the total visitors to Singapore, although the island is also very popular for locals and residents of Singapore who take day excursions. 

Today, RWS alone accounts for an astounding 30% of ALL visitor arrivals to gated attractions in Singapore.

The best Singapore Sentosa attractions 

Now that you know a little bit more about its tumultuous history, I’m happy to say that visiting Sentosa Island is a wonderful experience. It’s something that all visitors to Singapore should do at least once, especially traveling families. 

But with so much to do it can be hard to pinpoint the best attractions. If you’re wondering what to do in Sentosa Singapore, here is my list of all the best things from the well-known to the more under the radar. 

Wander through Resorts World Sentosa 

Hard Rock Hotel Resorts World Sentosa

Hard Rock Hotel Resorts World Sentosa

Resorts World Sentosa is an integrated resort that was developed by Genting Singapore and cost S$6.59 billion. 

The area it covers spans over 49 hectares and they employ over 10,000 people. It officially opened in January 2010 after a record breaking 36 months of construction. 

Most of the best attractions in Sentosa Island are within the grounds of RWS, from the casino to Universal Studios to Adventure Cove Water Park, S.E.A. Aquarium, Maritime Experiential Museum, The Marine Life Park, and the FestiveWalk shopping mall. 

There are also several hotels and resorts to choose from that are all amazingly luxurious. So what can you do in this part of Singapore Sentosa Island? Here are some of the standouts. 

Universal Studios

Jurassic Park at Universal Studios Singapore

Jurassic Park at Universal Studios Singapore

Wondering what to do in Sentosa’s Resorts World? Well, Universal Studios Singapore should definitely be your first stop as this is the island’s main drawcard. 

Universal Studios is a theme park that features over 20 rides, 30 restaurants, an abundance of shows, as well as seven themed zones that officially opened in May 2011.

Interestingly, USS was the second Universal Studios to open in Asia after Japan and the first in Southeast Asia. 

Universal Studios Far Far Away

Universal Studios Far Far Away

The layout of the park is pretty huge, expanding over 20 hectares, with a mini Hollywood and New York replica. There is also a Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World (with a Jurassic Park), Far Far Away (for Shrek fans) and Madagascar. But Singapore’s Universal Studios is nothing like some of the international outposts which require several days to fully explore, the park can be easily enjoyed fully within a day and because it constantly changes and adds new rides, you can keep going back and see something new. I have been three times already! 

Plans for future changes includes changing Madagascar into Minion Park and adding a Super Nintendo World, just like in Japan. 

While Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is one of the most visited places on Sentosa Island and probably Singapore, here are a few insider tips.

Annual pass holders can actually receive a small gift on their birthday if they show their ID to the Guest Services Lobby and also get special park privileges. 


Another little fact that you may not know is that there is a secret room in the Far Far Away Castle that can be booked out for special occasions from birthday parties to proposals.

Battlestar Galactica Roller Coaster

Battlestar Galactica Roller Coaster

If you’ve come to USS for gut-wrenching fun, then you’ll be happy to know that the 42.5m high Battlestar Galactica roller coaster is the tallest duelling roller coaster in the world, but not the tallest standalone coaster in the world, that is the Kingda Ka at Six Flags at 139m.

The fact that there are two coasters passing each other at neck-breaking speeds should get your adrenaline pumping. This is by far one of the most thrilling things to do in Sentosa if speed and heights are your thing. 

The final USS factoid, common to all Universal Studios, is that all the names on the windows are not randomly selected and actually belong to the people who helped build Universal Studios Singapore. 


We recommend booking your trip to Universal Studios online with Klook which always has discounted rates and also, we strongly recommend getting the Express skip the line added ticket on top of the admission ticket. 

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Here’s why. Especially on weekends, the wait time for each ride can be anything from 10-40min and with the Express pass you go to a separate queue which has no wait time, so you can really enjoy all the rides. In the Singapore heat, you don’t want to wait around for 30min for a 2min ride, do you? We always take the Express pass.

• Book the 1 day simple pass here

• Skip the queues and get the Express Pass ONLY here (you must have your admission ticket already to buy this, Express pass alone does not give entry to the park)

• Be smartest, get your admission ticket AND express pass combo here.

Visit the casino 

If you want to get with the high rollers, there are only two places to visit in Singapore. The first is Marina Bay Sands and the second is Resorts World Sentosa (RWS). Just like any other casino, RWS has all the usual suspects from slots to poker. 

There is a strict dress code, so don’t expect to wander in with your slops on. Foreigners can visit for free, but regulations state that Singaporeans and residents of Singapore will need to pay the mandatory S$150 per entrance or S$3,000/year. This money apparently goes to funding charities and public causes.  

Read more about the casino here.

Buy a gold bar from an ATM

Located near the casino-rich atmosphere of Resorts World Sentosa sit two shiny SMART Gold ATM’s. The first of their kind in Asia, these ATM’s act like your regular vending machine, except instead of dropping out candy and cookies, they dispense 1 to 10g of pure refined gold bars and silver ingots in exchange for cash or credit/mobile/debit/internet payment.


The prices change twice daily to reflect market prices of gold and silver, but expect to pay around SGD $80 for 1 gram of gold to SGD $1,500 for a 20 gram pendant. And what’s more, you can select the designs on the giant touch screen. So you can see your gold design on a 360 degree image before you buy it.


You can even send it as a gift to other ATMs, just make sure you get the email address right and remember the pin you created!


You can find the ATMs at two locations. The first is at the Rotunda between Hotel Michael and Crockfords Tower. The second is at Porte Cochere. They are open daily between 10am – 10pm.

Adventure Cove Waterpark

Adventure Cove

Adventure Cove

Adventure Cove Waterpark is more than just a bunch of slides, it’s a marine life experience. The rides are amazing though and there are plenty from the competitive Dueling Racer to water tornado that is the Pipeline Plunge. 

Riptide Rocket is Southeast Asia’s first hydro-magnetic water roller coaster and there are a multitude of other daredevil experiences. There’s even a Wet Maze to navigate your way out of.  

You can ride waves at the giant wave pool at Blu Water Bay are let your little ones wade around in the cutesy Seahorse Hideaway.

Tickets to Adventure Cove are easier to book online as there is no wait time. They’re also usually going for a discounted rate on Klook. You can reserve tickets for the whole family here.  

Yet that’s not the end to the fun. Looking for more things to do in Sentosa’s waters beyond waterslides? To explore marine life without diving into the ocean, Ray Bay offers the experience of floating with manta rays. Rainbow Reef allows swimmers to explore 20,000 fish, and even some sharks, in a snorkel extravaganza. You can book your marine life encounter here

Read more about Adventure Cove Waterpark here.

Maritime Experiential Museum

Jewel of Muscat, Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium

Jewel of Muscat, Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium. Wikipedia Jacklee (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Find out what exploring the high seas was like in eras gone by in this intrepid Sentosa attraction. 

At the Maritime Experiential Museum you will learn about the Maritime Silk Route as you venture through 15 thematic galleries which will tell you the secrets of ocean navigation as you escape from pirates and even experience a typhoon onboard a ship with a multi-sensory simulation that is enhanced with special effects. 

You can book your ticket online here. Once inside there are free guided tours if you want the full journey. Read more about the Maritime Experiential Museum here.

Visit the impressive S.E.A Aquarium


S.E.A. Aquarium

S.E.A. Aquarium. Wikipedia Smuconlaw (CC BY-SA 3.0)


Part of the Resorts World Sentosa complex, the S.E.A. Aquarium is one of the largest in Asia. With over 100,000 underwater sea creatures from over 1,000 species, it is great for the entire family to pass some time and definitely one of the best things to do in Sentosa Singapore for kids. 


The massive Open Ocean Habitat contains around 18 million litres of water. This is enough to provide water to roughly 120,000 people per day. 


The aquarium offers some of the coolest activities on Sentosa. For example, you can get your PADI certification within the Aquarium itself or join one of their slumber parties where you can pitch a tent and wake under the sea, surrounded by all the different marine life species. Channel your inner Little Mermaid in this spectacular experience. 


Get your standard entry ticket for a discounted rate online from Klook S.E.A. Aquarium. Read more about the SEA Aquarium here.

Be spellbound at the Trickeye Museum

The Trickeye Museum is one of the best things to do in Sentosa if you have an active imagination and one which will keep the kids occupied. The first trickeye museum opened in Seoul, South Korea and has had great success ever since. 

The museum involves optical art installations and exhibits that use Augmented Reality (AR) to trick the eye into seeing some spectacular things. It combines lighting, visual effects and sound to create some amazing illusions. 

This is the best of the Sentosa attractions for your IG account. You can download the AR app which makes all the paintings come alive and have fun on your own or with your children. 

There’s the Mona Lisa holding an electrified crystal ball, Edvard Munch’s scream character watching you escape hot lava or a tiger appearing while you sit in Georges Seurat’s scenery. The experiences do change though, so you can always expect something fun and exciting. 

This is one of the attractions in Sentosa Island that is most fun for kids, families and even couples looking for an unusual date. 

You can book your cultural, educational and exciting experience online here. Read more about the Trickeye Museum here.

Spend time in nature

Nature on Sentosa

Nature on Sentosa

All nature lovers wondering what to do in Sentosa beyond the flashy lights, read on…

With all the talk about development and tourism you may imagine the island to be a concrete jungle, and you would be wrong. 70% of Sentosa Singapore is actually covered by secondary rainforest, and is home to some of the world’s rarest habitats, including coastal rainforests, rocky seashores and wetlands. 


Step away from the flash of the casinos and hotels and head to nature. With over 170 species of birds and animals, you’ll be able to catch sight of wild monkeys, monitor lizards, peacocks, squirrels, and the endangered magpie robin. 


The best way to explore these natural beauties is at Sentosa Nature Discovery, which includes a gallery of interactive exhibits and a 1.8km Nature Walk through the jungle. Entrance is free and it’s open daily 9am – 5pm.


If that’s not enough to convince you to head out to nature, then check out the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom and be surrounded by 15,000 live butterflies and over 3,000 species of insects. While admission is S$16 at the gate, you can get a discounted price when you book your ticket to this miraculous space here. Read more about the Butterfly Park here.

Singapore Sentosa Merlion

Sentosa Merlion

Sentosa Merlion

Right by the cable car’s Imbiah station is a large replica of the Merlion statue. The original is situated at Merlion Park, 1 Fullerton near the waterfront at Marina Bay. 

But there’s more than just the gigantic statue on Sentosa Singapore, there’s also a virtual tour, as well as a gallery where you can learn all about the Merlion and it’s journeys. Unlike the merlion in the marina, you can actually climb up the one in Sentosa.

Book your tickets to the Merlion Tower experience online here. Read more about Sentosa Merlion here.


KidZania pilots

KidZania pilots. Wikipedia Abhishekkumar161293 (CC BY-SA 4.0)

If you’re a parent of young children and you haven’t heard of KidZania, you’re in for a treat. Wondering what to do in Sentosa for kids other than Universal or the Aquarium? This is your answer. 

This indoor theme park is basically a replica of a town where kids can roleplay real-world professions. They learn the responsibility of earning money as well as spending it.

It’s a place where kids can be occupied for hours, and the best thing about it is that it’s educational while being super fun. Universal will no doubt be your first port of call, but this is a great option if you’re staying on Sentosa Singapore and have a few days. Also bear in mind that you are supposed to leave the kids there, parents cannot join in.

Get discounts and promos for KidZania by booking online here. Read more about Kidzania here.

Enjoy a unique staycation at Sentosa Singapore

Resorts World Sentosa

Resorts World Sentosa

If you’re looking to make a vacation out of it, there are many fantastic hotels and resorts on Sentosa that feel like an island getaway. 

With 6 themed hotels and more than 1,500 rooms, Resorts World Sentosa is always a great place for a staycation and has some of the best luxury hotels in Singapore


Up your experience with one of the Beach Villas for a more exclusive option. For a romantic getaway, choose their TreeTop Loft suites with only 2 available, 12m above ground, 192sqm in size and surrounded entirely by nature. 

You can also get up close and personal with sharks, manta rays and fish by opting for their Ocean Suites, which have floor-to-ceiling windows looking straight into the S.E.A. Aquarium

If you’re one of the lucky ones to be on RWS’s VIP list, then you may also get an exclusive invite to stay at Crockfords Tower, where their lowest-standard room is a suite (the rest are mansions and villas).


On top of world-class interiors designed by master architect Michael Graves and extravagant facilities (private spa treatment rooms and lounge pools to name a few), Crockfords Tower offers 24/7 butler services. According to RWS, these butlers have been asked to do the craziest things, such as buying nasi lemak and durians all the way from Johor Bahru.

Capella Singapore

Capella Singapore

The Capella at Sentosa Island also qualifies as one of the best luxury hotels in Singapore and is also one of my favorites. It has a magical tiered pool surrounded by nature that is so peaceful and feels more like an island luxury resort somewhere tropical. Wait, Singapore is a tropical island getaway! 

W Singapore Sentosa Cove

W Singapore Sentosa Cove


While the W franchise is usually geared toward high end and sophisticated socialites and partygoers, the W Singapore at Sentosa Cove is actually more of a family venue and could also be a nice stay for traveling families. Here is my complete review.  

And if you’re not staying at any of these resorts, I would say they count as pretty impressive Sentosa Island attractions to check out anyway. 

Enjoy spa treatments at The Capella Sentosa or at the So Spa at the Sofitel Sentosa, which has an amazing outdoor pool and treatment areas which you can enjoy the whole day. Sunday Brunch at both of these hotels is also one of our favorite for the laid-back holiday atmosphere (and the photogenic peacocks at the Capella).

Explore the beaches, beach clubs and Wave House

Siloso beach

Siloso beach

Man-made Sentosa Island is the place to come to enjoy true beach life.

While Singapore is an island already, it is not that easy to enjoy the traditional beach life on the main island because the shore is often rocky or more commonly used for BBQs and sports than for sunbathing. Fine sand beaches with fluffy white powder are not the average beach in Singapore and more likely found in other Southeast Asian beaches, but Sentosa is one of the closest places to visit in Singapore by the beach.

Sentosa is the place for a lazy day at the beach, which is one of the best things to do in Singapore when you want a break from all the museums and asphalt. Several of Singapore’s best beaches at located here and it is easy to see why they are a main draw in the weekends.

If you are looking for the real beach life, there are three beaches in Sentosa where you will find it all.

Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach is where the bus service usually stop. Here you can find all sorts of water sports and activities, as well as some of the beach clubs and restaurants, so it is one of the busiest and most active beaches on Sentosa.

Apart from Bikini Bar, I also like Coastes for a beach restaurant and bar where you can simply chill in casual surroundings, get one of their sunbeds or tables, let the children play in the shallow and quiet waters and enjoy a cocktail with an umbrella. You can find out more here.

This beach really has it all from the AJ Hackett bungy jump and iFly Singapore to the Wave House, zip-lining at Mega Adventure Park and even water-jetpacking at Ola Beach Club.

If you’re after some BBQ with your feet in the sand, on weekdays, Wave House offers a set menu of marinated meats and salads for a DIY BBQ by the Beach (S$200++ for 4-5 pax). Don’t forget to book your ticket to ride the artificial wave here before you go. 

Palawan Beach

Sentosa suspended bridge Palawan

Sentosa suspended bridge Palawan

Next to Siloso there is Palawan Beach which is quieter and longer and which has a few family-friendly activities the kids will love. Spending a day (or a few hours) on Palawan Beach is a great activity to do in Singapore with kids, especially when they’ve had enough of the urban maze.

Palawan Beach is best known for the suspension bridge that you may have seen on Sentosa photos and which connects the island to the Southernmost Point in continental Asia. This is a notable Singapore point of interest on its own and you can go there for a photo opp.

Palawan Beach also has a few kids attractions like the Kidzania, where kids can enjoy a real size city and role play any of the jobs, complete with full dress up, such as firemen, etc. This is a great place to come with kids and leave them enjoy their own time as parents are not allowed inside. So if your kids are old enough, leave them in and enjoy the beach outside. 

For a family friendly but more refined beach club serving fabulous real tapas, check out Spanish themed FOC Sentosa which is right where the taxis stop and on the border between Palawan and Tanjong Beach. Bora Bora Beach Bar is also a nice option to have your feet in the sand. 

Tanjong Beach

Tanjong Beach Club

Tanjong Beach Club

Lastly, Tanjong Beach is the farthest and classiest bit of beach in Singapore. Here is where Singapore’s beautiful people come to chill in the weekends, especially on Sundays when there are DJ sessions and other activities at Tanjong Beach Club.

The Club also organises cinema under the stars sessions, yoga gatherings, etc. and is always a great way to spend a day out. You can book a bed for the day with a minimum consumption so you can enjoy some relaxation or simply put your towels down on the beach area which is public.

Tanjong Beach Club, or TBC as the locals call it, is packed in the weekends but peaceful during the week. More info and reservations here.

To enjoy Sentosa’s beaches, just bring sunscreen, a hat and a towel. And beware, this is an artificial island in front of the world’s second shipping port and so the water and the sand sometimes are polluted with oil spills so just look out.

There are also a host of other activities from yoga and open-air movie screenings to SUPing and volleyball games. 

Tanjong Rimau

Tanjong Rimau

Tanjong Rimau. Wikipedia Jnzl (CC BY 2.0)

There is also a beach so mysterious you can’t even find it on Sentosa’s official website, Tripadvisor or on Google Maps. Tanjong Rimau is Singapore’s last remaining natural coastline and honestly the country’s best kept secret.


Go off the beaten path on the Western tip of the island behind Shangri-La Rasa to find this gem of a place. Tanjong Rimau has the clearest water in Singapore, and during low tide, you’ll be able to spot a diverse range of marine life, including coral and reef species, octopi, crabs, starfish and even the venomous stonefish.


There are also mangrove trees and two small stone caves for picture-taking, and I bet your Instagram followers wouldn’t be able to guess where in the world you are. See our map for the exact location of this hidden gem.  

Ride the cable car into Sentosa

Riding into Sentosa using the cable car is definitely the most exciting and scenic ways of getting into Sentosa. I really loved it and I’ve been living here for years. It also counts as one of the Sentosa Island attractions, so you get a ride and an experience – two birds, one stone. 

You can book your cable car Skypass for a discounted rate online here. And for something truly romantic, you can even dine in the car while you travel. 

The Singapore Cable Car offers either a brief 15min ride from and to Mount Faber, but for special occasions, there are 90min dinners for two. It is a 4 course meal in your own private car with welcome drinks that will make anyone feel like a celebrity. 

The car goes around for three rotations, so you have more than enough time to wine and dine and take in the spectacular views. You then return to the Mount Faber departure point. There is no fancier surprise for a loved one on a special day.

Book your dining experience over the waters with some epic views here

Swing by the premium Singapore Sentosa Golf Club

Setnosa Golf Course

Setnosa Golf Course. Flickr Joost Rooijmans (CC BY 2.0)

If you’re a golfer and don’t have time to stop at Bintan or Batam, then there are a few options where you can tee off in Singapore. 

In fact, Sentosa has two of the best courses in the country – Tanjong and Serapong which are really beautiful destinations to have a round of golf. 

The New Tanjong course was designed by golf course architect Alister MacKenzie and is known for its interesting bunkers which step the level up a notch.

Serapong was designed by golf course designer Ronald Fream, is challenging par-72, and is host to the Barclays Singapore Open. Visitors can tee off at this S$40 million course, provided you have an official USGA® handicaps index lower than 36.6 for men and 40.4 for women.

How about spouses wondering what to do in Sentosa while their better halves play golf? 

Most golf clubs are exclusive to members and members’ guests, but not at the Sentosa Golf Club. The alfresco Golfer’s Terrace is open to the public for lunch and dinner. 


With over 100 Asian and Western items on their menu, you can spend a good few hours eating while enjoying panoramic views of the Tanjong Golf Course and South China Sea. 

Be one of 600 interns hired to run Sentosa Singapore

Be an intern on Sentosa Island Singapore

Be an intern on Sentosa Island Singapore

Can’t get enough of Singapore’s State of Fun? 

Resorts World Sentosa hires 600 interns from over 40 countries each year to run the various attractions at Universal Studios Singapore, Adventure Cove Waterpark, and the S.E.A. Aquarium, not to mention all the spa, retail, and 60+ F&B outlets across this integrated resort. 

Not only will you earn some pocket money while you’re here, but this is also a great way to make new friends from around the world and go “behind-the-scenes” to discover what makes Sentosa so special.

Once you’ve exhausted all the things to do in Sentosa and need to find out more, then you can read about application requirements here

Have your fix of extreme adventures

AJ Hackett

AJ Hackett Bungy

Slowly over the years, Sentosa Singapore has added more and more extreme adventures on the island. So if you’re looking for more adrenaline-pumping attractions on Sentosa there are many options to explore. 


The first stop on your intrepid journey will no doubt begin at the AJ Hackett tower. Here you can choose between flying through the air at 120km/h on the Giant Swing, Bungy Jump down a 47m high freefall, or look down the drop while walking the Skybridge.

Your next adventure will take you to the breathtaking Skyline Luge where you will speed down a designated 600+m course on the half-go kart, half-toboggan ride.


Adventurous families can try their hands at ziplining on the 75 meters high, 450 meters long Mega Adventure that looks over the jungle canopy of Imbiah Hill. 


iFly Singapore

iFly Singapore. Flickr InstantReplay (CC BY 2.0)

Other thrilling, yet safer, experiences include simulating skydiving at iFly Singapore, going 4D Adventureland, and doing some tech-savvy virtual reality at Headrock. Adventure Cove Waterpark also has 16 attractions in Sentosa that will get your blood pumping. 

Party it up at one of the Sentosa events

Funfest foam station at Sentosa

Funfest foam station at Sentosa. Flickr CC0

Sentosa has its fair share of events that come hard and fast. Some of the annual events have become standouts in the Singapore party scene and are all much anticipated like the Zoukout music festival. 

International music acts and DJs also often visit the island, particularly The Coliseum at the Hard Rock Hotel in Resorts World Sentosa. And don’t miss out the ever popular Siloso end of year Beach Party. 

There are foodie festivals like GrillFest and the World Oyster Festival and other cultural events like Good ‘Ol Days where you can experience the kampong spirit of yesteryear. Fit families can enjoy their fun runs and travelers can constantly check out their pop-up stores. 

For an updated list, it’s best to visit their events page here.  

Explore Sentosa Cove

W Singapore - Sentosa Cove

W Singapore – Sentosa Cove

Sentosa Cove is the place to visit if you want to see how the “Crazy Rich Asians” really live. It’s a residential neighborhood that houses epic yachts and super luxurious homes (one bungalow even sold for $33.3 million). 

Yet you don’t have to be stinking rich to visit this upscale and idyllic marina in the southeast corner of Sentosa Island. You can explore this sophisticated area of Sentosa by visiting the various 5-star hotels, marina clubs or restaurants. 

This part of Sentosa is half reclaimed land and half of an isle that used to be called. It was conceptualised in 1992 as a haunt for the wealthy. 

The most perfect place for romantic after-dinner strolls is Quayside Isle. It’s a wonderfully calm wooden boardwalk with premium F&B and lifestyle stores to explore at your own pace. There are 25+ dining options that range from casual to high-end. 

Top picks include MUSEO, Sabio by the Sea, Blue Lotus, The Kitchen Table and Skirt. Then move over to Asia’s “finest floating bar”, Boaters’ Bar, which is an alfresco bistro set on a wooden pier with a live DJ set on Friday nights.

Woo bar at W Singapore - Sentosa Cove

Woo bar at W Singapore – Sentosa Cove

Move onto WET® Bar or WOOBAR at W Singapore – Sentosa Cove for a trendy outdoor pool bar or sophisticated hotel lounge cocktail. The top choice for a group – the “W Night Shots”, a standing birdcage filled with shots enough to satisfy 4 people. 

Here’s my complete review of W Singapore if you’re planning on staying over. 

It’s best to visit Quayside Isle at night, particularly for a date or special occasion, as the trees are covered in fairy lights which reflect on the water, giving it a magical vibe. 

Tip: Quayside Isle offers free weekday parking from 12pm to 2,30pm. 

Rent a yacht or catamaran

One15 Marina

One15 Marina yacht

Speaking of all things fancy and classy, you can also rent an entire yacht to go sailing for the entire afternoon and sunset. 

ONE15 Marina is your go to option for luxury yacht charter hiring from Sentosa Cove. Start off at the Boater’s Bar and make your way into the beautiful Andaman Ocean, possibly popping over to the Southern Islands for some true beach time. You can book your yachting experience through their website here

You can also charter other vessels from Sentosa other than the extremely highly priced yachts. One option is to take a catamaran, along with up to 17 other guests from Sentosa Cove to Lazarus Beach. Here you will have the chance to explore the beach of Lazarus or even kayak around the island. You can book this experience online here

Another option, which is a bit more fun for families, is to board the Royal Albatross, a 4-masted 22-sail super-yacht and Singapore’s only luxury Tall Ship. There is live entertainment onboard with food, drinks and fantastic views both before and after sunset. 

It also helps that the cruise was awarded best unique super yacht and best luxury yacht charter company by APAC Insider Business Awards 3 years running. The cruise also starts from Sentosa. Book your Royal Albatross cruise online for a discounted rate here

Grab a bite to eat

Dumplings at Din Tai Fung

Dumplings at Din Tai Fung. Flickr Stewart Butterfield (CC BY 2.0)

As Singapore is a foodie’s paradise, you can expect the trend to continue to the State of Fun with restaurants ranging from cheap eats to fine dining. 

There are local Singaporean flavors, Indian, Italian, Japanese and Chinese cuisine to pick from. Our favorites include Taiwanese chain Din Tai Fung, the Malaysian Street Food hawker centre, Michelin star Putien, or Table65 for fun and interactive fine dining experiences.

It’s impossible to mention all the best restaurants in Sentosa Island, but Tripadvisor has some really good suggestions for you. Click here to check them out. 

And remember you can get promotions and discounts on Klook when you book online. Here is the link for all the online specials to some of the most delicious food on the island. 

Free Sentosa attractions

Lake of Dreams

Lake of Dreams

Strapped for cash and thinking about what to do in Sentosa that won’t cost a cent? Read on. 

Many people have the misconception that everything on the island is just a money-spending gimmick, but there are actually a ton of cool Sentosa attractions that are completely free-of-charge! 

For free shows, check out the nighttime water, light and firework display at Crane Dance. While two dancing mechanic cranes that look like actually cranes doesn’t sound like much, it’s actually really amazing! You can also catch live animals in action at Animal & Birds Encounters. 

Free attractions in Sentosa include a scenic trek 11-storeys high along Fort Siloso Skywalk, a walk through the jungle at Sentosa Nature Discovery mentioned above, beach volleyball at Siloso Beach and even guided tours to see original cannons and guns at historic Fort Siloso.


Two other popular free spots include Palawan beach which is also the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia and has a popular beach. The Lake of Dreams at 11pm is a fun show choreographed by Emmy award-winner Jeremy Railton and features flaming dragons, water cannons, and special effects.

P.S. Getting to all the best things to do in Sentosa is free from VivoCity via Sentosa’s internal bus, monorail and trams. 

How to get to Sentosa Singapore

Transportation to Sentosa Singapore is abundant and will depend on whether you need convenience or if you’d rather like to save money. 

Check your options below with a range of other great information for your journey. 

Transportation into Sentosa Singapore

Cable Car to Sentosa ride

Cable Car to Sentosa ride

There are many ways to get to Sentosa Island, but the most scenic is via the cable car from Mount Faber Park. This transport provides some seriously gorgeous views and is highly recommended. 

We have written about it above, so if you missed it, you can book your Skypass for a discounted rate online here or a romantic 90min dinner in the cable car here


You can also take the Sentosa Express Train Ticket, which is like the cable car minus the heights. The Express leaves from VivoCity at 3 minute intervals between 7-12am. 

There are three different stops on the island including RWS, Imbiah and Beach (between Siloso Beach and Palawan Beach) stations. Reserve your ticket online here for a discounted rate, which gives you unlimited access to the train.

Your cheapest transport option is to take the bus over where your fee is waived, but a taxi or grab is most likely your most convenient option. Hop over to VivoCity and then catch a cab for around S$10 plus the entrance fee. 

It is important to bear in mind that motorbikes are not allowed on Sentosa so you can’t drive yours onto the island.

Entrance fees

There is a S$4 fee for the Sentosa Express and a S$2-6 car gantry fee. The cheapest time to enter (S$2) is between 12-2pm and then again between 5pm-7am.

As part of SG50 celebrations, Sentosa waived the $1 fee for walkers and cyclists entering by the sheltered 670m Sentosa Boardwalk, a promotion that lasts until 31 Dec 2020. 

Getting around Sentosa Singapore

If you came on the Express you can just hop on at anytime to get around. Otherwise the buses, monorail and beach “trams” are included in your entry ticket. You can catch them all an unlimited amount of times. 

So you will be able to visit all the things to do in Sentosa that are on your checklist without hassle.  


After paying the S$2-6 entry fee by car (which changes depending on the time of day and is the same whether you’re in your own car, taxi or Grab), Sentosa Singapore is also notorious for their pricey parking lots ($7 in your first 1 hour at RWS).


But here’s a hint – if you don’t mind the trek, parking at both Sentosa Golf Club (Bukit Manis Road) and Sentosa Costa Sands Resort (Imbiah walk) is free on both weekends and weekdays. 

Things to know before you visit Sentosa Island Singapore

Here are my last few little hints and tricks to know before visiting Sentosa Island in Singapore. 

Sentosa Fun Pass 

Universal Studios Singapore street

Universal Studios Singapore street

Instead of getting tickets for each of the attractions in Sentosa, you can actually get some of them in a bundle with the Sentosa Fun Pass. 

This is the cheapest way to experience over 20 Sentosa attractions from Adventure Cove Waterpark and the S.E.A Aquarium to Wings of Time and 4D Adventureland. 


How it works is that you get a certain amount of tokens that allows you entry to certain attractions on the island. For example, 2 rides at the Wavehouse will be 10 tokens. The best part is that you have 2 days to use the tokens.


You can get your Fun Pass even cheaper by booking it on Klook here

How long should you spend on Sentosa Island

Spend a day on a real white powder beach

Spend a day on a real white powder beach

If you’re strapped for time and only have a day to explore all the things to do in Sentosa then I would suggest visiting Universal Studios, the S.E.A. Aquarium and possibly one of the beaches if you are staying into the night. 

You can easily spend 3 days exploring everything that the island has to offer, especially if you are traveling in a large group or as a family. 

It will really depend on what Sentosa attractions you want to see and how much you’re willing to spend. 

How much should you budget for

The best answer to this question is how many Sentosa Island attractions you want to see and how clever you are at planning your trip. 

Beyond the mandatory fee to enter and your transportation and parking costs, the money you spend will depend on what sites you want to explore. 

Universal Studios is of course the most expensive of the Sentosa Island attractions with the simple admission ticket costing about S$70-80. So a stop there plus something to eat may already eat up your budget. Remember that there are many free things to do in Sentosa as well. 

My biggest tip is to book ahead online. This way you’ll at least know how much of your budget is gone before you go so there’s no big surprises. There are also loads of evergreen discounts online and some seasonal ones that you might catch if you’re lucky. 

We recommend checking out Klook or Getyourguide for the best rates and most reliable vendors.