"Robot Cafe Tokyo"

Robot Cafe Tokyo

As I posted on my personal facebookĀ asking for suggestions on Japan I quickly got a flood of “Robot Restaurant!” so, against my will and all of the promises to myself, I went to the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo.

The verdict? Jaw-dropping, WTF-ing, pure craze show with flashing neon lights, loud music and dressed up dancers re-enacting an Avatar-like sci-fi story of Earth invaders and defending monster heroes. Truly incredible. Were the script writers and choreographers high when they came up with this? Most likely. Continue watching for a preview and a snapshot of what to expect.

The restaurant opened in 2013 and has since been quite the rave.

Tips for the Robot Restaurant Tokyo

1. Avoid getting any food, it’s very overpriced for a simple bento box with low quality meat and steamed rice.

2. The show only really lasts 1h instead of 90min

3. They sell drinks before the start and during the half break but they are overpriced and you may not have enough time to queue as they are very strict and timely on the start and end times

4. The best view is from the top row (there are only 3 rows) and it is free seating so get a seat on the highest row, best perspective

5. You can record the whole thing, they encourage it and they call for it so you can always show that friend who thinks the money is not worth it

6. Go at the earlier shows so you can have proper dinner afterwards

7. Don’t buy the tickets that give you entry to the bar after the show, it is a bar version of the show, and one show is enough.

WARNING: Spoiler Alert

  • Sara (Belly Rumbles)

    I must admit the robot restaurant has never been high on my list of things to do in Tokyo. I have visited Tokyo over 10 times now and still haven’t been. Great tips if I ever do get there, and I may do so one day. It does look an experience, a quirky Tokyo one.

  • Hahaha!!! Oooooh Asia….I love you! We have had some of the most fun, quirky, unique and memorable experiences in Asia…but nothing like a ROBOT dinner! lol!!

  • Megan Claire

    Sounds … interesting! Ive honestly never heard of it before now, but putting it on the list of Tokyo bucketlist experiences. Honestly it sounds very much like what I would expect from an experience in Japan – sci fi and futuristic and WTF šŸ˜€

  • Thank you for sharing experience and tips! It looks like unique place that contradicts any “normal” restaurant standards. I love the first point: avoid any food ( because that’s not the main goal why people go to the restaurant haha). The show itself looks soo unreal and futuristic)

  • Robot Restaurant … hmm OK. This could be interesting if you like a show and a meal. I would definitely give it a go because I love most things sci-fi. Your tips are noted.

  • Just from the name, it sounds too good to be true. Interesting…though I would agree with your assessment that it is probably not worth it. Interesting concept though!!

  • I am gutted. I was in Japan in 2014 and never saw this place.Looks crazy fun and I would love to go there

  • Robot Restaurant? Had not heard before. Looks quite interesting and probably I’ll visit when I am there. Different from the normal ones.
    Thanks for sharing your valuable tips, they will definitely come handy.

  • Arzo Travels

    How cool is that? Did It get it right that you did not pay anything at all and experienced the show? .)

  • Japan always has the coolest themed restaurants! I’d definitely check this one out. I mean, who wouldn’t love to see a crazy robot laser lights show?!

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