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As I posted on my personal Facebook asking for suggestions on Japan I quickly got a flood of “Robot Restaurant!” so, against my will and all of the promises to myself, I went to the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo one of Tokyo’s most weird and wonderful cafes.

The verdict? Absolutely jaw-dropping, WTF-ing, pure crazy show with flashing neon lights, loud music and dressed up dancers re-enacting an Avatar-like sci-fi story of Earth invaders and defending the globe with monster heroes. Truly incredible. Were the script writers and choreographers high when they came up with this? Most likely. Continue watching for a preview and a snapshot of what to expect at this crazy robot restaurant in Tokyo.

Robot Restaurant Tokyo

Robot Restaurant Tokyo

The restaurant opened in 2013 and has since been quite the rave, click play below to see why.

Tips for the Robot Restaurant Tokyo

1. Avoid getting any food, it’s very overpriced for a simple bento box with low quality meat and steamed rice.

2. The show only really lasts 1h instead of 90min.

3. They sell drinks before the start and during the half break but they are overpriced and you may not have enough time to queue as they are very strict and timely on the start and end times.

4. The best view is from the top row (there are only 3 rows) and it is free seating so get a seat on the highest row, best perspective.

5. You can record the whole thing, they encourage it and they call for it so you can always show that friend who thinks the money is not worth it.

6. Go at the earlier shows so you can have proper dinner afterwards.

7. Don’t buy the tickets that give you entry to the bar after the show, it is a bar version of the show, and one show is enough.

8. It’s best to book online, which can be done by clicking this link.

WARNING: Spoiler Alert