During the summertime, a nice way to enjoy the beauty of Paris is to have a picnic. Of course you can have a picnic almost everywhere in Paris, on a romantic bench or in a park for instance, but today, local Parisien Laurence, from Paris-Toujours presents you unique places to make the most of your picnic experience.

1. The Seine river banks

"Ile de la Cite"

Ile de la Cite

What we call the “Quais de Seine” stretches from Bercy, in the east, to the western part of the city, but the best places to picnic on the banks of the Seine are located down the Saint-Louis Island and the “Quai de la Tournelle”. You will have wonderful views of Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Ile de la Cité while savouring your Parisian sandwich made of a French baguette with ham. At night the show will leave you speechless and the atmosphere very lively. People are having fun in front of one of the most romantic views in the world, a perfect place to eat! The only little issue is that the beauty of the location means that I, can get really crowded.

2. The Park of Belleville

"Paris Parc Belleville"

Paris Parc Belleville

Located in the 20th arrondissement in the eastern part of Paris, the Belleville’s park is a wide garden of 45,000 m² up on a hill. It is also a great spot for a picnic as you have a terrific view all over Paris. While eating you can contemplate the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, the Grand Palais, etc. Of course, there are other places like Montmartre where you can enjoy such a view, but the at Belleville Park you will have more space and less crowds.

The garden was renovated in 2008, and is designed to welcome and entertain kids. You can find a village built in wood as well as a waterfall. And there are plenty of good food stores around to create the perfect picnic with lots of cheese and other delicatessen.

3. The Pont des Arts

"Paris Pont des Arts"

Paris Pont des Arts

Opposite to the Park de la Belleville, the Pont des Arts is in the center of Paris. It is a pedestrian bridge that connects the Louvre and the French institute.

This emblematic bridge (known for its “love locks” which were removed a few months ago), is a symbol of the Parisian atmosphere. You will meet people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. Musicians with accordions give the typical Parisian romantic touch to the place and the view is surrounded by the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the French institute, the Orsay museum and, of course, the riverbanks.

4. The Arenas of Lutetia

"Arenes Lutece"

Arenes Lutece

Lutetia is the Latin name of Paris during the Roman Empire.  Located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, the Arenas of Lutetia is the oldest monument in Paris. Built between the 1st and the 2nd centuries, they were the “thermaes of Cluny”, the only monument left from the Gallo-Roman period. The capacity of the arenas is 12,000 spectators, making it an impressive monument for its time. Nowadays, they are surrounded by a garden, offering you the choice of picnicking inside the arenas, sitting on a bench, or a bit more hidden inside the garden. The atmosphere is very calm, as it’s off the beaten paths, you can almost take a nap after your picnic!

5. On a small private boat

Seine private cruise picnic in Paris

Seine private cruise

Whether it be on the Seine, on the Saint-Martin canal or on the Ourcq canal renting a private boat is a very good option to enjoy a picnic away from the crowds.

Renting a boat is easy and lots of agents can help make a booking and even providing the food. For those without a sailing license, you can have your personal skipper on board to take care of you.

  • Some lovely suggestions in a beautiful city.

    Do you have a personal favourite?

    • I’d love to picnic on a private boat, it would be incredibly romantic and peaceful without any crowds. Your views would be constantly changing too!

  • Vyjay Rao

    Paris is so beautiful that almost anywhere you go, it looks like an ideal spot to picnic! But your picks are great, the best of course is the river Seine or cruising along on a boat.

  • ChelseaLiveWanderfully

    Ahhhh it’s always been my dream to have a picnic by the Seine! Absolutely love all of the other suggestions too. Never thought of them as picnic spots but they seem amazing!

    • That dream is definitely possible! They all look perfect for enjoying a good book with some pastries 🙂

  • Christina Guan

    Love Paris!! I’ve been there several times and manage to find a new gem each time I go. Can’t beat the Seine for a perfect picnic spot, but I also love the Jardin du Luxembourg, Jardin des Tuileries and (cliched but you gotta do it) the Champs de Mars.

  • Well, this is a timely post for me! I’ll be in Paris in about a month for a few days and I probably won’t be able to afford much more than a picnic that i pack for myself! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  • Klipdrifters Trail

    Such a beautiful city, would love to go back to Paris! There is also La Promenade Plantee, a great elevated park with lots of trees and walkways. Could spend all day sitting at The Seine river bank people watching, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful views. Great post!

  • Mary Charie Ylagan

    It’s undeniable that Paris has so many places that people should not miss which sometimes overlooked the simple things we could do there, like picnic 🙂

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