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Singapore is an awe-inspiring city and is even more beautiful at night when the thousands of lights adorning buildings, the river and the marina come to life. After reading this article, see my personalised list of over 100 things to do in Singapore here.

These shots were taken between dusk and night across the Marina and Boat Quay area. At dusk, just before the sun sets, the Marina Bay Sands and the Art Science Museum turn gold as the sun rays reflect on the mirror-like facade. Tourists glide through on board the Singapore River cruise boats or pile atop the Hotel to capture these precious moments.

Marina Bay Sans in Singapore at dusk

Marina Bay

And after the sun sets, Singapore at dusk comes alight with the bright hotel room lights and the illuminated buildings. Tourists continue to board the river boats and as the sunlight decreases, my shutter captures the ghost boats as red and blue lights.

The view of the Merlion cannot be any better at this time. With the CBD buildings and the Classic Fullerton Hotel as backdrop and the famous landmark spitting water the city’s glamour is highlighted.

Merlion park at dusk

Merlion park

On the other side of the Marina, the Art Science Museum is lit with a projection during the iLight Festival held recently. The projections in all colours and shapes kept changing but all provided a colourful and mesmerising tale.

Art Science Museum at night

Art Science Museum

The Fullerton Hotel is a well known landmark of night photography in the Marina area. As the old post office and entry point into the river it maintains its elegance and distinctive architecture.

View of the Helix Bridge at night

View of the Helix Bridge

The Singapore River served as the main entry gateway to the warehouses which lined up the shore. Small boats were used to transport goods from the large boats docked at Clifford Pier to the warehouses.

The River is still today a major artery of South Singapore lined up with bars, restaurants and residential buildings. At dusk, the river specially Boat Quay, Robertson Quay and Clarke Quay are flooded with expats and other professionals enjoying a drink after work.

Singapore River at dusk

Singapore River

Have you seen Singapore at night? What are your favorite spots?