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"The Manta Resort underwater room drone picture"

Review of the underwater room at The Manta Resort Tanzania

Few things in life excite me more than spending time in nature. I love anything that involves the wild, the mountains, the sea and any kinds of sustainable and responsible interactions with wildlife, from humpback whales in Tonga to diving Sipadan or Fiji, to swimming in Bora Bora's shark infested waters or trekking for gorillas in Uganda. This is one ...
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"Hot air balloon against sunrise at Masai Mara"

Hot air balloon over the Masai Mara

I had never been on a hot air ballon prior to February 2015 and have since floated over the Napa Valley and the Temples of Bagan and both were incredible experiences. Softly gliding over the Masai Mara on a hot air balloon was an experience of comparable proportions, one that captured my imagination and made me feel like Indiana Jones ...
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7 Spanish cured meats and cold cuts to get fat on

Going home is a trip down memory lane> To the cold cuts and the Spanish cured meats of my childhood, to the simple meals that are so common of Spanish cuisine. Every time I go home with a friend and I try to explain our culture, cold cuts and Spanish cured meats are an essential part of the talk, and ...
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"Shabu shabu at the Hilton Niseko"

Best food experiences in Tokyo

Japan is the land of the rising sun – and of the ever expanding belly! No visit to Japan, or Tokyo in particular, would be complete with copious amounts of great food and incredible foodie journeys. Whereas Osaka is known as the kitchen of Japan, Tokyo has nothing to be jealous about. Here are the best food experiences in Tokyo ...
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Asia Travel

"Tiger in Ranthambore"

3 safari experiences in Asia

When we think safari, we think Africa. But Asia also has a few destinations for wildlife lovers with splendid opportunities to observe endangered or hard to see animals in the wild. And when I talk about a safari, I do not mean spotting wildlife from a feeding platform, but rather the opportunity to jump on an open top jeep and ...
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"Gin and tonic on the beach in Tanzania"

Gin & tonic, the Empire’s drug of choice

One of the many curiosities surrounding safaris, a mode of travel that was pioneered by adventurers and Hollywood celebrities, is the common indulgence in sundowners in the bush. Although you could ask for pretty much any drink and to accompany the views, gin & tonics are the usual choice. There is something special in that slightly off-bitter taste and the ...
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"Things to do in Akihabara"

What to do in Akihabara

Akihabara is Tokyo's anime and manga mecca and one of the most famous places to visit in the city. There are hundreds of places to visit and things to do in Akihabara and possibly the best part of it all is simply wandering the streets on a Sunday, when the main thoroughfare is closed off, and people watch, you are ...
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4 perfect days in Tokyo

The best of Tokyo in 4 days

Tokyo is a sprawling city of contrasts. From the high rise office buildings in Roppongi Hills to the weird and wacky stores in Akihabara it is impossible for the city to leave you untouched. But with so much to do and see in Tokyo it is important to plan ahead and decide what to include in your itinerary and what ...
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