Review of Sri Panwa, Phuket's luxury cool resort
A weekend road trip in Phuket Old Town and Beaches
Best things to do in Phuket
5 Hidden beaches in Phuket without the tourists
The ultimate guide to the best luxury hotels in Phuket
9 places to watch the sunset in Phuket
Walking tour of Phuket Old Town
Where to stay in Sayulita
Travel pet peeves we can all get behind
Things to do in Sayulita
Things to do, places to see and activities in Puerto Vallarta


"Sri Panwa aerial shot"

Review of Sri Panwa, Phuket’s luxury cool resort

Baba Nest sunset Favourite destination of Thai celebrities and international stars, Sri Panwa is a hip and cool luxury resort in Phuket. The resort has been gracing Phuket's shores since 2005 with a few villas opened at first but it only fully opened in 2009. More recently, Sri Panwa has added a new building, The Habita, offering penthouses and pool rooms in a ...
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"The Naka Island Resort & Spa"

The ultimate guide to the best luxury hotels in Phuket

Searching for hotels in Phuket on Agoda returns over 1,300 options. Needless to say, choosing the right hotel in Phuket for you is hard, even if you are looking for a luxury resort, there are over 60 high-end properties on the island and it is impossible to know which one is better or whether the prices that some charge are justified ...
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"Playa Escondida Jacuzzi"

Where to stay in Sayulita

The tiny town of Sayulita varies in size from 2,500 to 6,000 depending on the season. In the peak months of December to May, the waters are clearer, quieter and the beach is crowded with tourists from Mexico and mostly from the US. Although there are lots of large hotels and all-inclusive resorts in neighbouring Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita has a few accommodation ...
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"Garza Blanca Mousai pool sunset"

Is Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa the right hotel in Puerto Vallarta?

Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa Choosing where to stay in Puerto Vallarta can be daunting. There are large all-inclusive resorts and then there are huge all-inclusive resorts. It is almost impossible to discern which one is the right option for you and where is the best place to stay or the right area in Puerto Vallarta. I have put together ...
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Reflections on the road

"Travel pet peeves"

Travel pet peeves we can all get behind

Travel pet peeves When you start to travel extensively you start picking at the small things that others do not notice. Sure it is great to have a free standing bathtub where to soak the day's worries away but, "who wants a scratchy towel to dry your softened body afterwards?", wonders Paula, the main voice behind Contented Traveller. Not me! After spending ...
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From the Cook Islands to Namibia: 2015 in Travel

Intercontinental Thalasso Resort & Spa Bora Bora Technically, 2015 started in Bora Bora, French Polynesia, where I spent 2014 New Year's Eve. Bora Bora is a truly magical place and one that will top my list for romance and island living. Expecting it to be just like the Maldives or other luxury overwater villa resort-island, I was surprised by the genuine ...
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around the world in 17 christmas meals

Around the world in Christmas meals

  Christmas meals around the world are a very interesting insight into the local culture. Differences across tables can be due to regional traditions within a country, religious believes or even multi-culturality of the family members. Some traditions are wacky, others steeped in history and some just full of superstitions. What do you eat in your home?   Greek Cyprus Baklava with cinnamon "I was ...
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Souvenirs from around the world: Thai silk Skirt

Wacky, fun and fabulous souvenirs from around the world

What are the wackiest, most fun, interesting and plain fabulous souvenirs you have ever bought or been given? A few bloggers and travelers share their best souvenirs from around the world. Souvenirs from around the world: From Russia with a spoon On our Trans Siberian trip we had to fight with the fierce old Russian lady (the Provodnitsa) in our carriage, you ...
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