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The Pink City of Jaipur, with its stunning Amber Fort, has a myriad of luxury options to stay in. There are ancient forts turned into luxury accommodations, exclusive retreats in the countryside and fantastic heritage luxury palaces to feel like a character in One Thousand and One Nights.

Amanbagh – For invisible service away from the hustle and bustle

View at dusk

As a fan of Aman Resorts, Amanbagh is one of my favorite properties in the area. The former residence of an emperor, the pink and emerald palace is made of reflective pools, pink bougainvillea, manicured gardens and soft pink rock. Each haveli is a retreat on its own.

Stay in one of their pool havelis for an extra dose of tranquility and luxury. Relax by the pool while the live flute resonates through the space and the birds serenade the afternoon. Amanbagh is not only a place to get away from it all, but also an opportunity to get in touch with rural India by the hands of their local guides who will take you on village walks, temple visits and, of course, day trips to the Pink City of Jaipur.

There is so much to do in the area that you could easily fill a week. For extra romance that will make anyone fall in love again, book a chhatri dinner in one of the small pavilions that dot the countryside and enjoy a meal as the sun sets behind the farmland and the hills and rural Indian life retires to the homes. You can read our full review of Amanbagh, one of the most luxurious hotels in Jaipur here.

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Fairmont Jaipur – For 21st century comforts in 19th century architecture

luxury hotels in Jaipur
Photo from Fairmont, Jaipur

A modern take on Mughal dynasty and Royal Rajputs architecture and luxury, the Fairmont Jaipur is set about half an hour from the city in expansive grounds designed to look like a Rajasthani Palace, although the building is new and it is the chain’s first property in India.

There are lavish gardens, large venues and functions for massive Indian weddings, fountains and plenty of pavilions that are so typical of Rajasthani regal buildings. Service levels fashioned after Fairmont’s signature, modern rooms styled to look like the mansions of the Mughal royalty and lots of pink, desert-orange and gold. Fairmont’s Gold premium level and rooms are also available and come with complimentary snacks and drinks and a dedicated section. This luxury hotel in Jaipur promises 21st century comfort in 19th century fashion.

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Lebua Resort Jaipur – For a modern take on Rajasthani life

luxury hotels in Jaipur
Photo from Lebua Resorts

Lebua Jaipur is a modern hotel said to be inspired by Jaipur’s gem-craft and the “Nav Ratn” or “nine pure gemstones that focus the cosmic energy of an associated celestial body, ruled by a deity”. Expect vibrant, as opposed to nude and tame, colors of the other best hotels in Jaipur, which mirror the desert landscapes.

Lebua is bright red and contrasting old with new, traditional with modern. The chain of hotels made famous by the first Hangover movie and known for its Bangkok rooftop restaurant, launched in Jaipur with a new take on Rajasthani architecture and luxury. The hotel is small, with only 60 suites, but occupies a large space with plenty of green grass and blue skies. As the resort was conceived as a spa destination, you can avail of the treatments in the Spa by l’Occitane.

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Rambagh Palace – For those wanting to live like Royalty

luxury hotels in Jaipur

This is exquisite Rajasthani architecture meets heritage grounds with rooms that witnessed historical events. Rambagh is part of the Taj Hotel Group and is hosted in what used to be the former residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur. You can expect no less but the most royal of settings, a real one at that.

This is the closest you will ever feel to understanding how the Maharajas and their families used to live. John Lennon stayed here many a time, when he was looking to find his spirituality. You can even sleep in the rooms where Maharaja Singh, the original owner of the residence, and his son, used to lie down to rest. It definitely is a luxury Jaipur hotel that holds a lot of history. 

This royal hotel conserves all the beauty of a time long gone as well as the remnants of its illustrious owner’s passion for polo, beautiful lawns and pretty fountains, which are a refreshing sight in dry and barren Rajasthani weather. After all, royalty owned and lived in this palace until 1957. The massive rooms are palaces in themselves with more than spacious living and sleeping arrangements and marble bathrooms.

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Samode Palace – For an intimate royal retreat

luxury hotels in Jaipur

A 300-year old royal residence that comes in a smaller size than the rest but similar authentic regal credentials and a location, sandwiched among mountains, that will leave you speechless but is only an hour away from the airport. Samode Palace is still run by the original hereditary owners of the structure and has been the background of Bollywood movies.

The hotel has two swimming pools, one on the rooftop reserved for couples and a family one with a kids area. Inside, the level of intricacy of the wall wooden carvings and the colors are the subject of princesses and fairy tales.

Rooms come with four post beds, arched windows, intricate designs and mahogany furniture. This is a quaint and fabulous Jaipur luxury hotel that is more intimate and personal. The restaurant here is renowned and worth a try even if you’re not staying at the hotel.

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The Farm – For a unique hotel experience

luxury hotels in Jaipur
Photo from The Farm, Jaipur

This is a creative project by a couple who wanted to surprise and innovate and they sure have managed to. This luxury hotel in Jaipur is made of recycled materials and all the rooms are separate and detached. The food is organic and grown on the property. Art, games and a playful atmosphere permeates.

The rooms are white washed and funky, filled with artifacts and decoration that invite to create and be creative. There is a pool table by the pool, draped cabanas and colorful rooms with interesting and unique furniture pieces like a motorbike that has been repurposed as a glass tables.

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Oberoi Rajvilas – For a romantic stay

luxury hotels in Jaipur
Photo from Oberoi Rajvilas

The Oberoi Rajvilas is a very special luxury hotel in Jaipur. It was built around an 18th century temple to Shiva, so spiritual and mystical experiences abound. You can chant with a priest, take part in a yoga or meditation class or simply enjoy the manicured gardens and fountains or their well appointed spa. This is a very large property that will make you feel miles away from civilisation yet it is probably one of the closest to the Pink City.

Although the hotel is modern, it was designed using traditional techniques. Except for the spa which is housed in an 18th century mansion. For extra splurge, stay at the Kohinoor Mansion, spread over more than 1,000 sq meters and named after the most famed and large diamond.

The common areas and gardens are huge and adorned with the usual fountains, pavilions and symmetrical tiles and fringed by pink stone buildings so famous of the city. Marble is used generously and the rooms feature romantic four poster beds with draped and sunken baths. There are also tented style rooms for those in search of a safari-esque experience.

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Tree of Life Resort & Spa – For the ultimate seclusion

luxury hotels in Jaipur

This is a countryside meets pops of color space within the confines of a locally built resort following Rajasthani design. Yet it has plenty of bright color splashed on cushions, drapes, fabrics, bed spreads and rooftops. The room’s decor and artifacts are all for sale so you can replicate the room back home. As the name indicates, they specialise in Ayurveda and their day spa is a great motivation to say in. Most of the produce used in the kitchen in grown locally.

This Jaipur resort is located in rural India about 40 min from Jaipur but only 20 min from Amber Fort so you can easily explore the nature of the Aravalli Hills or pop into the city if you need a rush. Go on treks, walks and exploration of the local communities. This is a small resort so the 17 villas are all about peace and seclusion. Even dinner is personally designed with the chef to be taken in your villa. The villas come with their own massage tables and foot baths.

Rates starting at US$125. Book your stay on Booking.comHotelsCombined | Agoda

Dera Amer – For safari lovers

luxury hotels in Jaipur
Photo from Dera Amer, Jaipur

Not of the African Big Five type, but the safaris you can do at Dera Amer will be more limited to pachyderm and flying types. Yet you will certainly feel like Indiana Jones, especially because of the dry barren landscapes like those in Petra. If you are very lucky, you may spot leopards and hyena, but antelope and peacocks are more common. Rescued elephants from Jaipur have found their home here.

All of the tents in this permanent tented safari camp in Jaipur come with electrical showers and proper toilets so there is no hardship. Earthly comforts like plush beds and iPod docks are available too. This may seem completely isolated and removed but it is actually just an hour from the airport in Jaipur. You can explore the city while returning to your explorer camp at night, gin & tonic in hand, sitting around the fire under a carpet of stars. The staff can organise safaris into the wilderness with the local tribespeople.

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Rajmahal palace – For downtown opulence and a dose of English countryside

luxury hotels in Jaipur

Elegant and exuberant at once, this was the residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur in town and his Thunderbird car is still there, available for guests to take a tour of the town. After the last Maharaja of Jaipur, Rajmahal became the British Residency and the Queen and Prince Philip stayed here in the 60s.

This is the only hotel in Jaipur on this list to be located in town. In fact it is so central that you can hear the train station. Each room is different and there are only 15. The past elegance has been reimagined with colorful designs and lots of detail on its refurbishing and reopening in 2015.

The refurbishment brought new fabrics and decor that cover every part of each space. No single bit of any room has been left empty, there is always a wallpaper, a rug or a piece of furniture. This means that sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming with the crystal chandeliers and the velvet fabrics or the upholstery matching the wallpaper in the style of an English country house more than that of a Rajasthani royal. The restaurant serves food with silverware and afternoon tea is still served by the lawn.

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