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Pier Chic by Brian Wilson

Dubai, a city known for being the center of attraction in the Middle East, is a magnet for both business and tourism. It is a city where buildings touch the skies and one of the world’s largest malls is. Dubai surprises for bringing the uncommon definition of luxury and exoticness to the next level. Dining is not an exception. There are some of my favorite restaurants in Dubai.

1. Pierchic 

For some time now, Pierchic has had the reputation for being one of the fanciest and most romantic restaurants in Dubai. With its over-the-water dining experience, dazzling views of Arabian Gulf, the Dubai Coastline, Palm Jumeirah and the iconic Burj Al Arab, the restaurant welcomes guests to enjoy lunch and dinner in a la carte menus of classics including Oysters, Scallops, Sashimi and Lobster, as well as a wide range of fresh Fish. The inviting space, wooden tables, and Swarovski crystal light installation over the bar, scream romance. Pierchic is well known for the warm, friendly, knowledgeable and attentive service. Wander along the lush gardens of the Al Qasr Hotel on your way to the beach.

2. Zuma

Zuma, located in Dubai’s International Financial Center, brings a contemporary twist to Japanese Izakaya dining and is a fine example of informal yet highly sophisticated food sharing. The setting is just perfect for people to meet and enjoy a casual yet stylish Japanese meal as the food is brought to the table.

3. Catch

At the Fairmont Hotel, on Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road, food, service and amazing scenery are fused to provide one of the most creative and original drinks and recipes in Dubai. The food is rich in taste and visually appealing. Catch is the perfect balance between dining and nightlife. It’s cool, fun, stylish and hipster.

4. Al Mahara

Al Mahara pays tribute to its meaning in Arabic, “Clamshell”, by offering an unmatched dining experience within a vast aquarium. Lit by the blue glow that emanates from the aquarium, entertained by the swimming fish within, and enjoying the best cuisines the sea could offer, Al Mahara is an exclusive experience complete with fabulous service to match.

5. Buddha Bar

A tourist and local resident magnet, Buddha Bar is one of the those venues with amazing reputation. Located in the Grosvenor House Hotel and named after the Buddha statue that watches over this lavish setting, Buddha Bar serves food, drinks and chill out music in a comfortable and out of the ordinary atmosphere. The menu is a combination of Asian fusion dishes with Japanese, Chinese and Thai influences. The drinks are worth a trip.

  • Nice list. What sort of prices would a meal here sting you for?

  • Karla Ramos

    Nice list you have, but I wish that you provide picture and a sample price for their food!

  • Hi Mar,

    All seem like top shelf spots. Dubai fascinates me. I know someone who splits their time between Dubai and Bali; what a mix of contrasts, eh?

    Thanks for sharing with us.


  • No shortage of nice places to eat in Dubai, it seems! Do any of these restaurants come with a view? It would be incredible to have a cocktail and a delicious meal overlooking Dubai.

  • Mansoureh

    I have been in Dubai five times and I always when go back there find new restaurant, this is a good list I am going back there in three weeks 🙂

  • Serendipity Tess

    Never been to Dubai….BUT, of course, another one on the list. I like the sound of the Al Mahara…must be quite an experience to dine within an aquarium! Would be curious to see photos of the all these places! 🙂

  • Melody Pittman

    I will definitely keep this in case I ever end up in Dubai. Fingers crossed.

  • Bernard Tan

    I have never been to Dubai! but definitely would want to go there soon. Would want to try dining in the aquarium.

  • I’ve never been to Dubai, but if it’s anything like Abu Dhabi, I’m sure the luxury restaurants are amazing and totally over the top. Getting amazing restaurant service was one of my favorite things about the Middle East actually. It can’t be beat!

  • That’s a long list to follow! Last time when I was in Dubai, I did not follow any routine or recommendation. This time I want to.

  • Mags

    I have a good friend that just got back from Dubai and I’ve been drooling over her facebook photos all week. I really have to make it a point to get there soon. Looks amazing and great food is just icing on the cake.

  • Megan Claire

    These all sound great – I made the mistake of visiting Dubai during Ramadan lol so I didn’t exactly manage to get out there and enjoy any of the restaurants. McDonalds was open in a few of the shopping malls, and there was room service at my hotel but that was about the extent of my food experience. Hopefully I’ll time my visit a little better next time!

  • Jen Ryder

    I love getting good restaurant recommendations, especially since I know you know good food and drinks! I wouldn’t have imagined there being so much good seafood in Dubai. I’m also pleasantly surprised there is so much tasty Japanese food!

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