Often referred to as Burma, Myanmar is steeped in a tumultuous history. From imperialism to colonialism and finally independence and democracy, this country has definitely had it’s ups and downs. But when it comes to travel, Myanmar is truly iconic with its unique pagodas and panoramic views. Apart from the nature, it’s the people of this magical country that that captivate the hearts of nomads passing through.

Here are some of our best finds on Instagram that capture the essence of Myanmar.



“Sunrise race out to U Bein bridge in a mad attempt to avoid the waters of Thingyan.” – travelinghoneybird


Sunrise over Inle Lake, Myanmar.

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Inle lake at sunrise, Myanmar.

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“We woke up before sunrise to experience the magical atmosphere of Inle Lake. There is a canal that leads at the entrance of the lake. You are welcomed by ‘fake’ fishermen in traditional costumes, fishing baskets and doing acrobatic movements on the edge of their boats. They appear in all the photos you’ve seen before of Inle Lake. Once you are there they strike a pose for you and ask for money. We just passed by without even pointing the cameras at them. After a while, in the middle of the lake, we found our real fishermen, not posing, just doing their daily work while the sun was rising.” – nomadisbeautiful



“Photo taken from a hot air balloon in Bagan” – onceinalifetimejourney




“We were returning to the shore by boat as the light was fading and the clouds were looking ominous. As we passed by Nga Phe Chaung monastery we took a quick shot of these two woman probably also heading home before the rains broke through. Nga Phe Chaung wooden stilted monastery is believed to be the oldest one on Inle Lake. Being around 200 years old, most people know it as ‘Jumping Cat Monastery’.” – kathmanduandbeyond


Market day in Yangon. Pick your favorite! #Burma #Myanmar #yangon

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“Wandering the streets of Yangon, I stumbled upon a busy street market when folks were buying and selling, living their daily lives.” 


Morning prayer . #Bagan #Burma #Buddhism #Myanmar #igmyanmar #igburma #discovermyanmar #travelmyanmar

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“Taken while exploring the temples of Bagan, two young monks practicing their faith.” – seehertravel



“Taken while on a sunset lake tour in Inle Lake. I was on another boat and took this photo of the fisherman.”



“I was walking around the temple when these kids ran up to me. One of the boys got a mango fruit and insisted on giving it to me. All the other kids ran up to him and smiled. It was the best moment of my trip.” – travelmoments



“Taken during sunrise from the top of a temple. The key is to wait till the sun is up and coloring the sky, then the hot air balloons launch and create great silhouettes.”


Sunset from the U Bein Bridge outside Mandalay, Myanmar. #sunset #sky #travel #myanmar

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“Sunset over the U Bein Bridge in Mandalay is a do not miss experience. We arrived early and walked to the end of the pier where the crowd is thinner.” – divergenttravelers



“Whilst flying over Bagan for sunrise in the Balloon was magical, the photo opportunities were equally as beautiful and more relaxing sat atop a lonely temple looking across the mist.”



“Taken shortly after takeoff on a Balloon flight, looking back at another balloon who was slowly following us upwards” – danflyingsolo


B&W of the Day: A man sitting in his comfy chair in a small village in Myanmar close to Inle Lake.

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“Black and white shot of an old man sitting in his chair in a small community in the hills around Inle Lake.”


Burmese women waiting for the train, Hsipaw, Myanmar

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“Women waiting for the train at the train station in Hsipaw.” – surfingtheplanet




A series of beautiful shots while exploring Myanmar’s wild islands by boat, in the Mergui Archipelago. There are so many activities to do in Myanmar from SUP to surf and exploring all the culture that lies between. – burmaboating