W Hotel Maldives

W Hotels Maldives. Source

Loud music, beautiful people, stylish rooms, designer décor and the most happening locations like Hollywood, Barcelona, Los Angeles South Beach, Hong Kong, Seoul. The brand has also veered towards the retreat format with resorts in Thailand or the Maldives.

W Hotels around the world always meet expectations for the right traveler. With 29 hotels in North America and as many planned to open in the next 3 years across the globe the brand is clearly seeing success. As a new brand, it has also had the privilege of planning a well-thought out strategy with almost perfect segmentation offering the right customer exactly what he or she wants.

W Hotel Bali

W Hotel Bali. Source

The brand is homogeneus and easily recognizable and most of the elements in each hotel are named the same way making it easy for regular guests to find their way around. The pool area, almost always available, is called Wet. The main bar, Woobar. Aside from local favorite dining alternatives, the main buffet destination is usually The Kitchen. The Spa is appropriately named Away and all the bathroom amenities are branded Bliss.

But, with all these standardization and great expectations, are you a W Hotel guest?

The experience

From the online presence to the brand’s expression and the stay in itself W Hotels are a copycat around the world and they are perfect for those looking for a fun-filled, party-packed vacation. Given I more recent appearance in the hospitality world they have had the privilege of developing a completely homogenous experience.

Loud funky music plays throughout the hotel automatically putting all guests in party mode. It is impossible to sit in one of the bars or restaurants without shaking your body a bit. I am sure the music has been chosen to improve mood and create a worry-free approach.

Woobar HK

Woobar HK. Source

Often times, the lobby area is a popular watering hole for the cool see-and-be-seen crowds. The young local crowd blends with an international group of travelers enjoying a drink in dimmed surroundings, flashing lights in all colors setting the mood for a long night. DJs are usually in charge of the decks and beautiful people party the night away as new arrivals try to check in. It helps that W Hotels tend to be located in the most “in” part of town.

The pool area is a gathering destination for models and celebrities flaunting their perfect bodies in popular beach destinations such as Bali or Barcelona. No W Hotel can live without a fabulous pool surrounded by cabanas, large sofas, plush cushions and criminally soft towels.

W Hotel Barcelona

W Hotel Barcelona. Source

Parties continue at rooftop bars, pool bars or clubs where the good looking retire to after more casual drinks.

W Hotels has also launched the Retreat properties where loyal Wers can relax their tired dancing legs. These are in getaway destinations such as Goa, the Maldives, Koh Samui or Bali. Despite their focus on being an escape from the busy city life the W Retreat still offer a paradise for singles and couples alike to party the night away, relax by the pool with the resident DJ tunes or mingle in the many organized evenings.

The accommodation

W Hotel Maldives

W Hotel Maldives

Rooms are different but feel exactly the same everywhere as if coming back to a subtly refurbished home. Stylish, designer friendly with only some small local touches such as glittering oversized boxing gloves in Bangkok, reminding you what country you are in. You could be forgiven for not knowing when you wake up in the morning after a long night for all the rooms are exactly the same across each W Hotel. W Retreats have adapted to the location with outdoor pools and over water villas in the Maldives and large balconies in Bali.

The decor comes in light tones with accessories in a bright color adding dashes of light. It can be red in Bangkok, purple in Bali, Blue in the Maldives, Red in Taipei, which contrasts with the otherwise grey or white base tones. Glass partitions everywhere, particularly in the bathrooms, offer little privacy, although most guests are usually single.

WOW Suite W Hotel Bali

WOW Suite W Hotel Bali. Source

Large standing bathtubs are a highlight. They are inviting for either a pre-night out beauty routine or a morning recovery measure. They can also be that impressing element for the date you took home with you. They are usually well positioned to make the most of the views.

WET Pool W Hotel Bangkok

WET Pool W Hotel Bangkok. Source

Mirrors are pervasive, making the room feel bigger than it already is and adding sexiness. Windows usually occupy the entire wall, floor to ceiling, and provide unobstructed views of the city.

The minibar stock is any party goer’s dream. Martini glasses, shakers, mixers and a large selection of liquors. You will also find less common snacks like playful oversized lollypops, chips and nuts in all shapes and forms, chewing gum, crisps, mints and chocolates to please the child in you.

The Kitchen Pantry W Hotel BK

The Kitchen Pantry W Hotel BK. Source

The bathroom amenities are plentiful and well thought. You will find make-up remover, an adequate face wash, beautiful hair products and all sorts of dental care potions. These are not you typical middle of the road mass-produced bathroom amenities but some perfectly fitting range of products that are, once again, designed with the party-goer in mind.

The food

Not usually the focus but not bad either dining at the W hotels tends to include hangover cures, comfort food and stylish combinations. Cocktail menus are extensive and localized where possible. The mixologist will be able to prepare your favorite without much explanation

The main restaurant is always called the Kitchen Table and offers a large selection of international options. There is always a carving station, a great dessert selection and local favorites. The breakfast buffet is guaranteed to waken the worst hangover with aa wide selection of fresh juices, French pastries and breads, fruits, cold cuts, etc.

Nom nom

Nom nom

Other dining options are hotel dependent. You can indulge in delicious pad Thai in Bangkok’s W, sample nouvelle Cantonese fare in Taipei or Korean and Japanese delights in Seoul.

Expect to find customizable hamburgers available 24h, mojito menus or afternoon cold cut and cheese sections instead of the more traditional afternoon tea.

W Hotels master the art of serving the 30 or 40-something single crowd with a designer room, a host of party amenities and the constant sound of good music.

Do you fit the bill? Are you a W Hotel lover?