Part VII of this monthly series sees another 5 different travelers from all across the world each share their interesting stories of how a stranger helped them to restore their faith in humanity. Traveling is all about meeting new people and sharing once in a lifetime experiences with them, so this series hopes to inspire you when you travel and to remember to lend a helping hand when you see someone else in need! Read More →
No, I am not crazy for visiting Pakistan. And yes, I am coming as a tourist, alone. A short visit is enough to burst all the myths and fear travelers have when considering Pakistan. Do not think twice. Take precautions and go visit! Read More →
As part of an ongoing monthly series, I round up stories from travelers all over the world as they share a moment where their faith in humanity is restored. This is the 6th post so far, and all these short stories help to remind us to lend a helping hand to a stranger whenever we travel, just in case we may one day need some help from others Read More →