There is something adventurous and exciting about boarding a spinning helicopter. These are three of the most memorable helicopter rides of a lifetime.

1. Helicopter to Everest Base Camp

Landing at Everest Base Camp

Landing at Everest Base Camp

You can choose to trek to Mount Everest Base Camp but, if you don’t have 7-14 days to spare the fastest way to the highest place on Earth not requiring life threatening training is, via an helicopter ride to 5,300m

The trip will also includes breakfast at Everest View Hotel, at the more bearable 3,400m high where the uninterrupted views of the highest mountain in the world appear in front of your eyes. Feast on a hot breakfast because the temperatures are likely to be low. Even at the peak of the summer you will be barely above zero.

Because of the risk of altitude sickness the pilot will be hooked on oxygen, but you won’t. On the way, you will make a pit stop at Lukla Airport, one of the most dangerous in the world, to drop some petrol weight which you will pick up on the way back. Unless, like us, your pilot is called on during breakfast to pick up a sick trekker from Base Camp down to Kathmandu.

The stop at Base Camp will be brief, enough to take 1-2 selfies with the majestic mount behind you and you will hop back again onto the helicopter immediately feeling slightly dizzy. But it will be, oh so worth it! Read my full adventure here!

Everest Base Camp helicopter tour viator

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2. Hover over Angkor Wat’s temples

Angkor Wat from an helicopter

Angkor Wat from an helicopter

Southeast Asia has a fair share of beautiful religious complexes but together with Bagan in Myanmar, the Angkor Wat series of temples are intricate and sophisticated. There is a magical sense of place around the narrow alleys, the steep pagodas and the wrap around storytelling carvings.

From the sky, the magnitude of the temples reveals itself and you will also be able to spot Tonle Sap Lake. The ride will not replace the sunset and sunrise visits but will show you how impressive the complex is. Read more about my adventures at the Angkor Wat here!

3. Fly over Victoria Falls and through the Zambezi Gorges

Victoria Falls is one of the helicopter rides of a lifetime

Victoria Falls from a helicopter

The mighty Zambezi river offers lots of adventure opportunities. From kayaking down to Mana Pools to animal spotting. But the most exhilarating one must be riding an helicopter through its narrowly carved gorges created over years of erosion from the fast flowing waters of the Victoria Falls. After you emerge from the gorges you will have a unique bird’s eye view of the Falls.

After you have fully understood the size of the largest sheet of falling water in the world you will be better prepared to walk along the pathways that provide a closer look. Although the amount of water varies significantly across seasons at the peak of the rainy season an helicopter ride is a must. From the ground, you will not be able to take in the sights because the curtain of water spray shot into the air by the falling water will not let you see the Falls. Read about my helicopter tour here!