Digital Marketing for brands

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Digital Marketing for brands
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Digital marketing has been a buzz word for years but a lot of Brands still struggle to find their voice, their style and even their audience.

We have worked with many hospitality brands in the last few years and have discussed their challenges and opportunities at length. Brands want to grow and manage social media channels that strengthen their brand, drive awareness and generate sales. They also need to stay on top of their game and continuously leverage new tools when it makes sense.

For small Marketing Team, this is a challenge. They don’t have the team size, resources or opportunity to create the content – Maybe the marketing team is not on site, where the Hotel is.

Regardless of what your situation is, our team is ready to understand your needs and craft a proposal to help you solve it and grow your business. These are some of the services we offer Brands in the digital marketing world.

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1. Content creation and social media management

We know how hard it is to grow, maintain and engage with your social media followers because we do this every day through the Once in a Lifetime Journey and Singapore n Beyond channels. We did not get to a 200,000 combined social media following without a clear and consistent strategy and without engaging digital content.

But it is not all about having the right content. You also need the consistency and hours of hard work from a dedicated and skilful team to promote that content. You need the Content and the Marketing in Content Marketing. And it needs to be someone’s daily focus. The success of a social media strategy relies on Great content + Consistency + Engagement.

Digital Marketing For Brands three types

If it is so easy, why doesn’t everyone do it?

Most single property hotels cannot justify having a team with the right expertise and tools to successfully leverage the power of content and social media. Here is where outsourcing comes into play. We have been working with brands in the content and social media landscape for years and have our nine social media channels to experiment and make sure we are always updated. We have an experienced team of content creators and social media experts with the right automation tools to carry out the job in the most efficient manner.

Digital Marketing For Brands stats

These are some of the social media management services we can provide

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Engaging Content Generation

We have an in-house team of videographers and photographers who are experts in creating social media savvy content that elicits a reaction from your audience and engages. Not all social media channels work the same way and your content needs to be repurposed for each channel. We can do that. We know the sizes and durations that work best and we will provide you with edited content that will give you an edge.

If you are a hotel or resort, we will visit the property quarterly to shoot and collect all the necessary digital materials that can later be processed for use in all channels. Our team is equipped with drones, GoPro, mirrorless cameras, domes and other gadgets and accessories to capture a variety of angles and scenes. Back in the office, we can edit and create the final content pieces in the form of infographics, photographs, short clips or longer videos for each of the social media platforms, ready to be scheduled.

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Dedicated social media management

Maybe you have a content generation team or enough user-generated content but your team does not have the time or skills to maintain and grow your social media presence. Small properties often cannot afford a fully dedicated Social Media Manager so upholding and growing the social media accounts falls on the hands of another member of the marketing team or on the onsite guest management team. These teams work hard but it is not their core or their focus to manage your social media presence, they are not set up for success.

We can take care of everything. We will manage all of your social media accounts in an efficient manner with our experienced social media team and our automation tools. We will ensure that content is posted in the frequency that works best and that all interactions with your audience are handled professionally and timely. If you have also hired our content creation services, we would be making use of that to provide full end-to-end social media content creation and management that generates a return.


2. Social Media Consulting and Coaching

If you are starting out and would like to define a social media strategy, we can help. We have experience supporting, coaching and defining social media strategies for Travel and Lifestyle Brands in various geographies and with different niches, from Luxury to Experiential to Wellness.

We can provide a range of consulting services in the social media space ranging from a 2h consultation to an 8-week full Audit + Strategy definition and Implementation course with a tailored assessment to your business, a detailed and practical Action Plan and weekly check points to ensure you stay focused and on track. We can also provide specific social media consulting services aimed at solving one specific challenge, be it growing your followers, improving your engagement or creating successful content.

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Personalised 2-hour consultations

We get it, you may be sitting on the fence about whether there will be value in spending a significant amount of money in a full-fledged consulting project. Don’t worry, we can also help with a targeted 2-hour live consultation either in person or on videocall to help you address a specific need. And if you do not know what your need it, we are happy to have a discussion and brainstorm together on some of the best practices for peer Brands to yours.

After the call, we will send you a report outlining the short-listed recommendations from the call and some further reading and benchmarks to look at so we equip you with tools to be better at Social Media.

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Themed consulting support

A lot of Brands are good at the basics of social media but struggle to master some aspects, like engagement, facebook ads, Instagram posting or client interaction. If you have challenge you would like to tackle, get in touch and we will design a themed consultation to address it.

Our standard consulting projects range for a few hours to a few weeks depending on the needs and are completely tailored made to your Brand and your challenge, we do not repackage the work we have done elsewhere, we personalise and tailor our support to your unique challenge.

Some examples of challenges we can help address:

•  Unsure how best to leverage social media channels to drive sales
•  Facebook Ads not converting enough
•  Twitter not driving any traffic
•  Engagement on Instagram is well below par
•  How to define and implement a “live” social media strategy
•  How to work with social media Influencers

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In-depth 8-week Social Media management course

We believe in teaching someone how to fish rather than in handing them food. With our longest in-depth course you will learn by doing and should be able to independently manage your social media strategy by the end of the 8-weeks. The course starts with an initial live consultation followed by a detailed analysis and a strategy definition. From then on, it is all about putting that strategy in place.

The content of each 2-hour session is as follows:

•   Session 1: Understanding the current situation
•   Session 2: Audit and diagnosis
•   Session 3: Strategy definition
•   Session 4-7: Follow up on strategy
•   Session 8: Scalability and longer-term plan

We will hand-hold you through the process and provide you with a contact email you can reach anytime for doubts or queries.

Interested, send us an email or fill in the form below.