Once In A Lifetime Journey

Soneva Kiri Tree Pod dining experience

Tree Pod dining Soneva Kiri

What was it like to enjoy breakfast in one of the world’s most fascinating locations, a tree pod at Soneva Kiri, in the island of Koh Kood, in Thailand?

The idea of having a meal on a tree pod, hanging from the top of the canopy jungle, above the sea is one that made me terribly excited. At the Soneva Kiri, I could make my Tarzan and Jane dreams come true. I had seen the images of the tree pod a countless times, yet I had never read someone else’s review so it was hard to know exactly what to expect. Would the pod be really hanging? Would we also have to zip line to get to it? Were there stairs to climb onto it? I could not imagine the mechanics of the tree pod dining. Spoiler alert, I am about to reveal them to you so, if you prefer to keep the magic like that, just magic, stop reading now.

Tree pod dining Soneva Kiri

Breakfast at Soneva Kiri restaurant was exceptional, it offered anything you could think of, and then some more. I have written about it on my review of the property. The spread was so fabulous that the idea of having to reduce our breakfast experience to just what we could fit on a tree pod, and one which could be zip lined to us, was slightly disturbing. But then again, we would be enjoying from the top of the jungle, with only the sounds of nature for company. And it would come on a zip line at the hands of a well-trained waiter-cum-zip liner.

The Soneva Kiri Tree Pod can be reached via a path in the jungle. Hanging from the top of the tree canopy, the basket where guests enjoy one of the most incredible dining experiences can be lifted up and down for the “passengers” to jump in and out.

Soneva Kiri tree Pod dining

We we led through the jungle path, along the bouldered sea coast, towards the landing point. Half way through, our waiter gestured for us to carry on as he climbed up a tree and onto a platform from where he would clip his harness onto a zip line and reach the top platform.

We watched in disbelief as he disappeared into the lush greenery, among the monkeys and the pure, undisturbed and overgrown vegetation.

We carried on walking until, at the end of the path, we found our basket, waiting like a royal carriage.

The tree pod can accommodate four people comfortably. It is made entirely out of natural materials, mostly bamboo, and designed in the shape on an egg. Up in the canopy, our waiter smiled at us as we took an incredible amount of photos and laughed and giggled at the great way we were kicking-off anther day in paradise. We were finally making it happen, after three days of showers preventing us from enjoying this great experience.

Tree Pod Soneva Kiri waiter

We jumped in, took our seats, fastened our seat belts and shouted, “We are ready!”. He then raised the basket five meters above the ground, to the top of the jungle, through a set of electric ropes. It moved ever so slowly, gently allowing us to take in the surroundings and seeing the sea appear through an opening in the canopy. What a fantastic view!

As soon as we reached our position, at the top of the tree, the cutlery, a large and colorful fruit basket and a glass of orange juice appeared. We had enough to keep us entertained while our waiter zip lined back across to the next platform and down to bring the rest of the order. Our Friday had ordered a continental breakfast for us and we had added a hot dish.

Soneva Kiri Tree Pod table

There we were, enjoying our freshly cut and beautifully presented fruit basket with the best views in the world.

After a few minutes, our waiter returned, sliding ever so silently through the foliage, with a stacked up basket full of goodies. On came the coffees, still intact despite the ride, and the cold cuts and cheese platter, as well as the pancakes and omelets.

Our table was full when he offered to take a few photos of us. He had done that before, as was obvious in his ability to get the lighting despite the morning glare on the sea, and the entire basket in the shots.

And there we were, the three of us, hanging from a tree top, enjoying a wonderful breakfast and watching the sea. A fantastic experience. As the resort puts it “The Tree Pod takes dining to new heights”. I could not have put it any better.

Once in a Lifetime Journey was a guest of Soneva Kiri Tree Pod. As always, all opinions are our own.