As 2016 approaches and this fabulous year comes to an end, I asked a few Travel Influencers, bloggers, social media experts, professionals and all-round wanderers to tell me what their top bucket list destination for 2016 was. I hope this list serves as inspiration for your Travel Bucket list too and that you get a few ideas to keep adding to your travel wish list. If nothing more, you may at least go on a short armchair trip around the world!

South America

The Nomadic Boys

The Nomadic Boys

“Stefan first visited the region in 2005, fell in love with it and vowed to return. The region has a rich history of Latino influences from colonial Spain and Portugal, mixed with the indigenous population that lived there before their European conquerors arrived in the 1500s.”

“It has been a dream destination to visit together since we started our relationship in 2009, particularly Argentina, Brazil and Peru. Some of the countries in South America, like Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil put many others back home in Europe to shame with regards gay marriage laws. Stefan is hoping Sebastien will feel so inspired by this trip that he will finally buy that elusive ring. Ushuaia is the Southern most city in the world, on the tip of Argentina, and the setting off point for cruises to Antarctica. Stefan secretly hopes this cruise will be our honeymoon destination if he plays his cards right.”

By The Nomadic Boys, Two greedy gay boys exploring the world. Follow these two through the world, I guarantee they will make you smile




“My husband and I had two destinations picked out for our honeymoon. We wanted to go to either Bora Bora or The Maldives. Bora Bora won the coin toss, and it was a fantastic honeymoon, a perfect vacation and a really stunning destination. However, before we flipped the coin, we agreed that whichever destination wasn’t chosen would be where we would spend our 5-year anniversary. It’s been a long 5-year wait, but in 2016, we will be flying out to The Maldives to celebrate our anniversary. Visiting the islands has been on my bucket list for a very long time and I’m incredibly excited to finally have a chance to visit.”

By Savored Journeys, Affordably luxury travel, food and wine


Playa del Este

Playa del Este photo by

“We have wanted to go to South America for quite a while. Now we will definitely visit in 2016 as my nephew has just received a scholarship to study in Montevideo, as part of his Global Business degree. This has made our decision easy now. We get to check up on him, see him, and to explore more of the country and a few others as well. Chile is definitely on our agenda, as my friend is Chilean and will be there at the same time. It’s all about Serendipity.”

By Contented Traveller, It’s all about serendipity


Two Scots Abroad Bucketlist 2016 Berlin

Two Scots Abroad Bucketlist 2016 Berlin

“Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba and Canada – 2015 was pretty sweet for Two Scots Abroad! 2016 is going to be just as cool as we hit the European leg of our 18 month career break to travel. Our first stop is Berlin, Germany. Why? Because we love a good party and nowhere does electronic music as good as Berlin! The big question, will we be able to stay up until 2am when the clubs just start to get going? Watch this space! Naturally, Berlin has other attractions such as art, alternative fashion and that wall which David Hasselhoff sang on. Jokes, aside, I can’t wait to reach the city, which I’d describe as a walking museum, enriched in recent history and a pillar of progress.”

By Two Scotts Abroad, Two fun Scots traveling the Americas and Europe, on an 18 month career break


Bali's Hindu offerings

Bali’s Hindu offerings

“I’ve wanted to visit Bali ever since I’ve read ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ over a decade ago. From the beautiful scenery to exploring the culture to getting to know some of the people. It is the perfect island getaway where you still have a chance to get to know a different and beautiful community. Whether it is visiting the rice fields, meeting the monkeys, learning to scuba dive or exploring the temples I am looking forward to getting to do it all.

I turn 30 next year and have decided it’s time to check off my number one item on my bucket list, so in early 2016 I will be taking off to Bali for a few weeks.”

By Traveling Nine to Fiver, a traveler with a full time job

Papua New Guinea

Image provided by Chavetas

Image provided by Chavetas

“Without a doubt, Chavetas’ big bet for 2016 is a long-standing bucket list destination for us: Papua New Guinea. Why? I think that, in our search for those less visited and remote parts of the world like the South Pacific  Sea, Greenland, Antarctica, the Galapagos or Botswana, it is time for us to take a trip back in time. Papua New Guinea is a place where ancient tribes using stone tools, living in mud houses and keeping age old traditions, live. It is a country uninterrupted by civilization and, for that, I am fascinated. Will we make it? “

By Chavetas, a decade old Spanish travel blog with over 80,000 followers and an incredible wealth of information and detailed itineraries around the world

Iceland Airwaves festival

Iceland Airwaves Festival

Iceland Airwaves Festival

“Because it is on the opposite end of the world from where I grew up in Tasmania”, says Ian. Iceland Airwaves is an annual music festival held in the Icelandic capital during five days and focused on showcasing new music, both local and international.

By Ian, Founder of Travel Massive, a community of industry professionals with a shared passion for travel.

The Antipodes 

Social media influencer and experienced entrepreneur and traveler, Scott Eddy, has never been to Australia and New Zealand so he would love to add these two countries to the list in 2016. “I want to check out these two really bad in 2016”, he tells me as we chat about his travel plans. Currently the brand ambassador of new booking site Zipkick, Scott is the most incredible social media influencer in the travel industry you will ever meet. With over 600k followers on twitter and 120k on Instagram, all amassed genuinely through constant engagement, he is the superman of social media.

By Scott Eddy, you are most likely going to find him on Twitter

The Galapagos Islands

Sea Lion

Sea Lion by

“Doesn’t it look like it’s smiling? I love scuba diving and have mostly spent my time in the warm Asian waters. One of the places that I hope to visit next year when I head to the Americas is the Galapagos Islands, where I hope to see all sorts of critters like hammerhead sharks, marine iguanas and maybe even swim with a friendly sea lion or two!”
By Singaporean The Occasional Traveller, a girl with a full time job and a passion for travel

North Korea

The Great Leaders

The Great Leaders

“As one of the most mysterious nations, North Korea is one of those places that you hear a lot about but hardly have a chance to go to. Now on its 3rd hereditary ruler, its interesting how they have survived for so long after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Accessible only via selected tour operators, North Korea is a place I’ve been wanting to go since college. Perhaps it’s because I came from a Mass Comm background, so I find a state that has 100% control of media interesting. It’s also an uncommon destination, which makes it even more exciting because you never know what to expect! Reading your blog posts about North Korea may have bumped this up to number 1 too!”

Thanks Hendric!

By Hendric, from Pohtecktoes, a hard to pronounce word which is a play on his Mandarin name


Iceland trekking

“Ever since I watched Walter Mitty, I have been eyeing Iceland. Apart from it being said to have the world’s friendliest people, it is nature at its best – it wasn’t called land of fire and ice for nothing. I can’t wait to venture into its many waterfalls, volcanoes, lagoons, glaciers, and most of all, The Northern Lights!!! Add water rafting , horse back riding and many more into the pile and it’s definitely #1 on my bucket list.”

By Karlaroundtheworld, Don’t just wonder, wander


Me in a tuk tuk

I met Herve Roussel (@hvroussel) from Vietnam at TBEX. We were chatting about my coming to see his country & he also urged me to include Myanmar in that trip as he says it’s still largely unspoilt territory and really so beautiful. I absolutely love SE Asia. Can hardly resist visiting there at least once a year – it draws me.

By Cape Town Diva, a former ballerina, now a publicist, travel writer and photographer, sharing her experiences and adventures in Cape Town & the World, with joie de vivre!

North America

Banff BC Canada

Banff BC Canada

We’ve been traveling full-time for over a year and there’s one place we’ve continually talked about exploring: home. Living in North America for most of our lives (let’s just say it’s somewhere north of 25 years) we’ve both done only a small amount of travel throughout the continent. We’ve done the odd family vacation to Florida or a random road trip to a neighbouring province, but we haven’t really taken time to truly travel the incredible continent we call home and see all there is to see in our own backyard. After spending the past year slow-travelling through Asia, we’re hoping to take a closer look at North America for 2016 and check it off our list!

By One Modern Couple, the friendly “every-traveller” couple out to explore the world


For Philippines largest travel blogger, Our Awesome Planet, 2016 will be the year for “Peru, because it’s the foodie capital in South America and to taste what authentic ceviche with leche de tigre sauce tastes like”. For those not familiar with the Spanish language, this is literally translated as “tiger’s milk” and it is the citrus-based marinade that cures the seafood in a ceviche. It is also called “panther’s milk” and the remaining juice can be drunk, with vodka or tequila, my South American friends confess.

I couldn’t agree more with Anton, drinking that leche de tigre is sure to make for great memories!

By Anton, from Our Awesome Planet, the Philippines and ASEAn #1 food and travel blog

Last but not least, my choice for 2016:


Truuk lagoon

Truuk lagoon – Photo by Piz_pz

Ever since I first stepped foot in Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, in the Pacific, on a beautiful July of 2012, I have been captivated and fascinated, to the point of addiction, by the rest of the countries.

After Solomon came Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, American Samoa and two years later, The Cook Islands and French Polynesia. But, all of them, are in the South Pacific so I am missing the northern part, the islands around Micronesia. I have written about how most of them are part of the least visited countries in the world, and how I absolutely love all the beaches in the South Pacific, they are just incredibly stunning, so perfect that the pictures with a simple phone look photoshopped. So, after visiting Palau in 2011, I am hoping that 2016 will be the year I make it to Chuuk, Yap, Kosrae and Guam. Fingers crossed.

Update: I got to visit Micronesia! You can read about my adventures in Yap, Chuuk and Guam